Fridays for the Future: Neubauer rejects Siemens-Post

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser climate activist Luisa Neubauer offers a role in his company. But another proposal – and pressure. don't Want to work at Siemens: cli

Fridays for the Future: Neubauer rejects Siemens-Post

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser climate activist Luisa Neubauer offers a role in his company. But another proposal – and pressure.

don't Want to work at Siemens: climate activist Luisa Neubauer photo: Soeren Stache/dpa

BERLIN dpa | climate activist Luisa Neubauer does not want to work in the Supervisory Board of the future company Siemens Energy. The Job of the Siemens chief Joe Kaeser had been offered to the public. For Neubauer, who is the best-known German face of Fridays for the Future, the large companies, but made a different suggestion.

"I'm not going to be able to accept the offer in person, but I asked Siemens about the offer to a representative, or a representative of the Scientists For the Future, to pass on," said Neubauer of the German press Agency. "If the company is serious about climate protection and Fridays For Future, will you respect my decision." In the case of Scientists for the Future scientists of various disciplines are organized in support of the climate protection movement Fridays for the Future.

you know the stock Corporation law, declared Neubauer your decision. "With the Post, I would be committed to the interests of the company and could not comment on Siemens then independently. This is not consistent with my role as a climate activist.“ She was committed to a Paris climate agreement, and the 1.5-degree target to limit global warming. "The example of Joe Kaeser you see these days, that this independent role is urgently needed." So you said in the "Bild am Sonntag".

Siemens will decide by Monday about the delivery of a zugsignal system for the controversial coal mine in Carmichael, Australia. The Adani Group, headquartered in India, intends to build in Australia, one of the largest coal mines in the world, consisting of five underground mines and six opencast sites will promote up to 60 million tons of coal per year. The project is opposed by environmentalists for years. In addition to climate protection, it is also the consumption of water, habitat destruction and the Transport of the coal through the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world.

Kaeser had offered Neubauer on Friday during a conversation about the controversial project, a seat in a Supervisory Board of the future company. Whether it be the Supervisory Board or another body, could Neubauer decide for themselves, he said. Siemens plans to split its energy business in the spring as Siemens Energy and expected to be in September on the stock exchange.

"I can confirm that Joe knows Kaeser about the disastrous consequences of coal extraction by Adani Mine know," said the 23-Year-old. He knew that the emissions from the coal out of the Mine in the worst case, the target is vulnerable to limit climate-heating to two degrees, and the direct effects of the Adani mining for the environment are destructive.

"He has admitted in an interview that it was a mistake, the agreement with Adani to sign it," said Neubauer. "A CEO, such as Kaeser makes the second mistake and holds on to such a disastrous trade, but will revise the error."

Kaeser had said on Friday, the decision was easy. There were different interests of shareholders, customers and society. He was the own company to also critical: "We see that we also understand indirect investments in critical projects at an early stage need to recognise that." A special importance had the topic recently, thanks to the huge Bush fires in Australia.

Siemens have a role for the Adani project, a key, said Neubauer. Two companies that would qualify for the job in question, had been cancelled. "Regardless of it is to prove to Siemens, that you think your commitment to climate protection seriously," she said. It is not going to understand as a climate protection group and the Paris climate agreement, but at the same time in the case of a mine project, that the climate is dangerous to the goals. The "picture on Sunday" she said: "This Mine is the worst coal mine project in the Western world."

Siemens Kaeser know that there are legal ways to terminate the contract with Adani. "If all the existing treaties in the field of Fossil energies are observed, there is no Chance of the Paris agreement to comply with – says of the Production Gap Report," said Neubauer of the dpa.

checks The study of the international think tank the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the extent to which the plans of States for fossil fuels, with the aim of the Paris Convention are compatible, the global warming to 2 or to limit, if possible, 1.5 degrees, to disastrous consequences curb.

"Siemens is asked to prove that they mean it with the climate protection seriously," said Neubauer. "No coal mine project in the Western world, endangers the Paris agreement these days as much as the Adani project." Every single group is involved, is one allowing this in the first place.

Updated Date: 12 January 2020, 11:00

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