Retirement plans for the self-employed: this is how you properly care for old age

the self-employed are compulsory members of the statutory pension insurance. This means that you must take care of yourself to your Pension. This is not true, a

Retirement plans for the self-employed: this is how you properly care for old age

the self-employed are compulsory members of the statutory pension insurance. This means that you must take care of yourself to your Pension. This is not true, at least as long as the Federal government prescribes a compulsory pension insurance for self-employed.

Although the self-employed could take advantage of multiple opportunities to save for their old age, many of you have fear of poverty in old age. The study of Quirin, a private Bank that was created with the research Institute YouGov occupied. It is based on surveys of 1008 self-employed and freelancers with their own company.

Then fear, with 62 percent, almost two-thirds of the self-employed old-age poverty. In women, the proportion is 68 in men still 59 per cent. Even Doctors worry about their financial future, because they are afraid of to low revenue in the planned practice sale. Quirin Bank

Everything you need to know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

PDF guide women earn as self-employed less than men

As with workers, there are self-employed, according to the study, a "Gender Pay Gap", that is, women earn generally less than men. An annual turnover under 50.000 euros in 42 percent of self-employed women. In the case of their male counterparts, with 29 percent much less.

Low turnover lead to low income. This will make it harder to invest money for private retirement provision. According to Minister healing to around three million self-employed persons are not protected in old age is sufficient.

Before any element of state pension obligation for the self-employed and a freelancer enter into force, should be Concerned, definitely take advantage of the numerous private pension options. 'On the positive side: Often the taxman helps by eliminating the state amounts in the taxes.

Many self-employed persons are compulsory covered by pension insurance, for example under an occupational pension Fund. The same applies for Doctors, pharmacists, architects, notaries, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, accountants, and sworn auditors, dentists, engineers, as well as psychotherapists. This means that your pension is organised independently of the state pension scheme, with use of comparable private facilities. This group of people may have to make provisions to complement itself.

How much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

Who need to take care of can not supply the factory, completely private to his retirement. These are the possibilities:

Rürup pension (basic pension)

it exists in different versions: as a classic or unit-linked annuity insurance and as a direct Fund Investment. The state granted the Rürup pension, no allowances, but the extensive tax benefits. His contributions can deduct the Rürup savers as special expenses from taxable income.

Maximum amount of tax savings

capped The tax deduction for the Rürup-pension, the legislature has capped however. The maximum amount changes from year to year. In 2019, the amount rose to 24.305 Euro for Single people and 48.610 in pairs. In the year 2020, the values reach 25.147 or 50.294 Euro.

These are the maximum amounts you can deduct, but only from the year 2025, 100 percent . 2019 Rürup were allowed to make-savers only 88 percent of the maximum of the above-mentioned maximum amounts for tax purposes. In the year 2020, the rate increases to 90 percent, and in 2021 it is 92 percent.

The tax office takes into account in 2020, i.e. a maximum of 22.632 or 45.264 Euro pairs.

sample calculation for the year 2020: Who as a stand-Alone rate of 40 percent and has a marginal tax, to save a maximum deductible pension-amount of 22.632 Euro taxes, approximately 9052 Euro. Because the amount of the expense reduces the taxable income. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 So much of the net, only the self-employed, the Deposit is not in a professional-sized supply of plant remains from the gross

to Fully benefit from the tax savings but. Because Guild Supplied the tax - free employer-and the employer contribution credit. The same is true for the contributions to the pension scheme. This leads to a significantly lower tax savings.

A Rürup Police but it also has disadvantages. It is a rigid instrument of Provision. Contracts do not transfer, borrow against, sell or inherit. A notice of termination under the legislator says. Owners can leave their contracts without further payment of contributions to rest. Another fly in the ointment: withdrawals from the Rürup pension are fully taxable. The gross-to-net calculator

Private pension

Many banks and insurance companies this variant on offer. However, they appear as a result of the low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank as a little attractive. Granted interest rates are often below the current inflation rate of around two percent.

In contrast to the basic pension, these contracts are much more flexible. The monthly payments for many providers to adapt, even periods of rest are possible. In addition, the Insured may decide whether you want to get the final amount in a lump sum is paid out.

in addition, private pension insurance policies offer tax benefits: pension payments are only the amount of your revenue share at the date of Retirement subject to tax. The tax rate is calculated according to the age of the Retiree at the time of his Retirement. The income tax act 22, the following tax rates as defined in § Federal Ministry of Finance

increase With a property pension

Although home purchases require relatively high equity services. But anyone who pursues a long-term strategy that can take advantage of the current favorable construction loans interest rates. A property is multiple for retirement benefits:

  • property: A retiree saves a lot of rent, if he inhabited at the time of retirement your own property. It is important, however, that he has paid for the object in full by then.
  • property rent: reliable revenue, Just a rented property in the age of generate. But also here applies: The collected rent is taxable.
  • property sale A abbezahlte apartment or a house can sell, so that money for retirement is available. However, the seller need to watch out for: capital gains are only tax-free if the property was previously held for ten years!

another Form is the so-called real estate retirement . The model works very simple: The owner sells his property and a Usufruct can be registered. So he can remain a life-long rent-free living. The retiree uses two benefits: He gets money from the sale and saves the monthly rent. Of course, he does not receive the full value of the property: The selling price is reduced by the value of the usufruct.

pensions for risk wider investor
  • pension stock funds

Also stock a supplementary pension build up. It is important not to rely on single values, but to invest in industry - or country-specific funds. To spread so wide. Investors should make, has to be taken from closer to the return of pension money regularly. It is also important, a kind of safety net to collect: it will help investors move in good time before the commencement of the Pension capital in safe investments. To do this, for example, bonds very well rated companies and countries are. A drawback of funds is that they cause relatively high costs.

  • Save money with ETFs

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are a cost-effective Alternative to actively managed equity funds. They cause only low costs, because the salary for a Fund Manager not applicable.

Instead of individual to choose values and to weight this, are ETFs the development of a market or sub-market. Investors invest conveniently and sprinkle at the same time wide. SPDR MSCI ACWI UCITS ETF - USD ACC 134,18 EUR +0,52 (+0,39%) Xetra

  • 1 day
  • 6 months
To be suitable to the course data

shares-ETFs plans for medium - and long-term investment period for savings. Here scattered are recommended as broad as possible end products. The MSCI World index covers approximately 1600 largest stocks from developed countries, such as Germany, the USA and France. The MSCI All Countries World invested even wider: He combines well 2500 stocks from developed States and emerging growth countries such as China and India. The wide Scatter of the amount of investment protects against losses if the economy weakens in the individual regions.

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