Whatsapp, railway, E-cars: The changes in February 2020 for the consumer

the 1. Modification: Whatsapp stopped Support: These devices are affected millions of Germans WhatsApp daily to communicate with friends and Acquaintances in

Whatsapp, railway, E-cars: The changes in February 2020 for the consumer
the 1. Modification: Whatsapp stopped Support: These devices are affected

millions of Germans WhatsApp daily to communicate with friends and Acquaintances in contact. The Facebook owned Messenger is the most used Chat service in Germany. Now some of users need to adopt, however, from the beginning of February 2020 from WhatsApp.

The reason: From then on, the Messenger can not be installed on some of Smartphones with outdated Android and iOS - systems or used without restrictions. WhatsApp ended the Support.

Of this Change, the following models are affected:

  • Android Version 2.3.7 and older from 1. February 2020
  • iPhone iOS 8 and older from 1. February 2020
  • all Windows Phone operating systems as of 31. December 2019

All the WhatsApp-you can read here: Great new features and Support: The changes in WhatsApp, 2020

2. Change for five million train-driver: Bahncards 50 and 25 are ten per cent cheaper

this message will be happy to see the more than five million train drivers in Germany: The Bahncards 50 and 25, with validity from 1. February will henceforth be ten per cent cheaper. Background: The Supreme financial authorities of the Länder have agreed that the VAT reduction for train tickets is also valid for train cards. This means:

  • A BahnCard 25 costs 2. Class in the future, 55,70 Euro (instead of 62 euros).
  • The BahnCard 50 well for 2. Class ab 229 Euro (instead of 255 euros).

since January, it was after a short transition phase is possible to buy the appropriate rail cards at a reduced price. Those who have ordered recently at the old VAT rate, a Bahn card, will receive a voucher in the amount of the difference. "The Deutsche Bahn is actively reaching out to the affected customers, this need itself is nothing to cause", the company said. (Display) Deutsche Bahn - holiday and travel without a car

More on the subject of price reductions for the rail card you can read here: Regards 5 million customers: Bahncards 50 and 25 are ten per cent cheaper

3. Change in the law saves consumers a lot of Trouble: From for subscription-Fall

on The Internet, many companies offer paid subscriptions for their services. Especially in the case of smartphone users, a finger tip is often sufficient, you've got an unwanted subscription to a third-party and the landed case Cost.

Previously, such subscription provider cooperated with network providers such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica. This calculated the cost of the third-party via the mobile phone contract of the customer. Particularly annoying: a Lot of consumers, it was only after receipt of the phone bill aware that you have Accidentally locked a subscription.

From 1. February wants to the Federal network Agency user of such subscription Traps better protect: mobile operators need to introduce up to this date, a so-called Redirect-method ("to redirect", on German "redirect"), if you want to continue to settle services by and for third-party. This means that, if a Smartphone user on the verge of, on the Smartphone buy a plan that is not offered by the private mobile service provider, he is redirected to a payment page, it the purchase will have to confirm.

4. Charging of E-cars is for some motorists to be more expensive

The fast-charging stations-operator Ionity, a new prize presented model, the 31. January 2020 to enter into force. As a result, power for all direct customers will be one of the currently has around 200 available in Europe, charging stations are more expensive. So far, Ionity has demanded of its fast-charging stations a flat rate of 8 Euro per load. In the future, the load price of electricity for direct customers, without a customer card should be starting in February at 79 cents per kilowatt-hour. DriveNow (display)

only 9,98 € + 15 free minutes

book one-time registration fee now, Now, DriveNow for one-time special price

How much is a E-car per charge with fuel, depends on many factors. The E-car Portal "E-driver", however, made on the basis of two examples, how big are the differences for the purse can be:

  • to Refuel an electric car with a large 100-kWh battery, a tenfold increase in the price of almost 79 euros per battery charge.
  • In a saving of electric seeds car like a BMW i3 (16 kWh consumption per 100 km) cost of 100 km of motorways, therefore, about twelve Euro.

Behind Ionity, the car companies BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Ford and Hyundai plug in. Anyone who buys the manufacturers of a car, gets a power contract offered. The provides for significantly lower prices than for all direct customers. At Audi about a lot of drivers can choose the so-called "Transit Tariff" for 18 euros per month, then you pay only 33 cents per kilowatt-hour.

More to the price increase: Ionity with expensive price model - Cheap to reload is over: electric drive soon, as expensive as gasoline?

5. The Brexit: The British withdraw from the EU

the UK, the EU at 31. January, leave. For consumers, nothing will change this first. The reason is that In a transitional phase until the end of the year, both sides want to negotiate an agreement and decide on how the new relationship should look like.

During this transitional phase of the European law for the UK will continue to apply. At the same time, the British remain until the expiration of this period, continue to be part of the EU internal market and the EU customs Union. However, the UK loses from February right of co-decision in the EU institutions.

6. The conditions for a Schengen visa change

in June 2019, the European Council decided on a change of the procedure for the Schengen visa. This does not apply to German citizens, because they live in the Schengen area within which can move freely. However, the impact for travellers from 104 countries and entities that are not part of the Schengen area, and visa in the EU want to enter.

The new rules will bring several Changes to the visa application procedures. The most important Changes has listed the "Federal Ministry for economic Affairs and energy" on his side. They are as follows:

  • Higher visa fees. Applicants who have previously paid 60 euros per application, now have to pay 80 euros, while those who had to pay 35 Euro, now have to pay 40 Euro.
  • Extended the submission deadlines for applications. Instead of three months before the trip, the Visa applicants can submit the application now already six months in advance.
  • Electronic application forms in most of the countries.
  • The new code requires all of the Schengen member States in each third country via their Embassy/Consulate to another member state, or by outsourcing the approval of Schengen Visa to an external service provider present.Frequent travellers with a positive visa history Visa with a longer validity period.

With the new code also introduced a mechanism that determines whether or not the visa fees will change every three years or stay the same.

7. Attention! 2020 is a leap year

2020 is a leap year. The light and shadow sides. While workers have to work a day longer, the economy as a whole. Because longer days mean more growth. Also, because many public holidays in 2020 will fall on a weekend, are in many economic researchers for 2020, therefore, again slightly more positive, than for 2019. FOCUS MONEY - The best money ideas for 2020

A new turbulent year – not only because Donald Trump wants to be re-elected. This PDF magazine shows how to position the 40, FOCUS-MONEY-investment recommendations on the winning side.


8. o2 offers customers more surf-volume, Free-Tariffs

In the battle for more customers, has announced the mobile provider o2, from the 4. February 2020 with better rates to offer. At the prices o2 wants to change anything, but it is in the Tariffs o2 Free S, M and L in the case of renewal of a contract is equal to twice as much data volume.

informed How the mobile service provider, can provide customers with the Boost doubles Option this volume, then, again, if you are prepared to pay five euros more per month. René wants to return: "penalties are the best thing that could happen to savers in the" FOCUS Online René wants to return: "penalties are the best thing that could happen to savers"

Date Of Update: 27 January 2020, 01:01

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