Zalando is transforming itself from an online retailer for platform strategists

at the same time, individuality is to rise - with a focus on customer Offers tailored. The stock belonged to a long dry spell in the past year, the big winners.

Zalando is transforming itself from an online retailer for platform strategists

at the same time, individuality is to rise - with a focus on customer Offers tailored. The stock belonged to a long dry spell in the past year, the big winners. What's going on with the company, what analysts say, and what makes the share.

this is the situation at Zalando

more and more customers and orders: The past financial year ran around in the fast-growing Berlin-based fashion retailer. Profitability is, however, held back by investment - Zalando is a lot of money in the Expansion of the logistics automation as well as in new technologies. The group is increasingly relying on its platform strategy. Through a partner program the brand vendors to sell their products directly to customers. The business promises for Zalando a higher margin than in their own trade.

in Addition, the group brings customized deals for the customer is reinforced in the center and also relies on artificial intelligence to from other trading platforms to differentiate. So Algorithms evaluate purchases and to make the customer's suggestions. In addition, Zalando has an individual style advice in the program. Once customers have specified their preferences, together Zalando desire outfits. This is done not only by the algorithm, but by "human" stylists. Zalando promises to be a "full-Service". Advantage for the group: by complete Outfits which were baskets larger. Complementary products such as accessories round off the offer. In addition, Zalando is entered last in the cosmetics.

Zalando published quarterly figures around the important Christmas business on Thursday

For the past fiscal year, Zalando had made a revenue growth around the lower end of the range of 20 to 25 percent. Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) are expected to lie in the upper half of the range of 175 to 225 million Euro to 173 million in the previous year. The Figures for the fourth quarter from a stand still, this will this coming Thursday (27.2.) to be published. Zalando has already pointed out, a successful Cyber-week - the days around actions such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday, marking the start of the important Christmas business.

in the medium term, the group's ambitious goals. Until 2023/24, sales are expected to tighten to about 13 billion Euro. The market share will be expanded in the coming five to ten years - more than 5 percent. The stronger focus on back-end gross merchandise volume, which includes a total expenditure of customers for articles of Zalando as well as those from the partner program, is to climb up to 2023/24 to 20 billion euros. In 2018, it accounted for around 6.6 billion euros. The partners program will contribute up to this period, 40 percent to the gross volume of the merchandise, 2018, only 10 percent.

the analysts say

analysts are quite optimistic compared to Zalando. Buy and hold recommendations in the dpa-AFX Analyser recognised experts in about the scale. Among the optimists, Jörg Philipp Frey of Warburg Research that pays at Zalando with more positive messages. He assumes that the group has achieved in the final quarter, the best growth in customers for years. And also for the gross profit margin, he was confident. So should the impact of the increasing share of the partner programme.

Even with the recent increase in logistics costs Frey expected improvements. To contribute to the introduction of minimum order values, as well as the commissioning of new logistics centres. For the current year, the Analyst, the set of his " buy " recommendation with a target price of 55 Euro is expected to continue this growth is the profitability in the foreground.

Some analysts find reason to complain

On the other hand, the DZ Bank, which has lowered the end of January, your investment decision to Sell is. You, after the recent gains on profit taking. In addition, the analysts of the Bank complained the higher cost of transportation and the intense competition, rising advertising expenditure could lead. Commerzbank expert Andreas Riemann is expected for the fourth quarter, with stronger growth, however, is likely the higher cost of marketing, as well as discounts in connection with the Cyber-Week in the margins press.

Mark Josefson from analysis of house Pareto Securities expects a strong end to the year 2019. He believes that the fashion the dealer to keep the high growth momentum longer, and the profitability more clearly as thought can increase. Also Warburg Analyst Frey expected that Zalando is likely to have exceeded the market expectations easily.

approval of the change to the platform provider comes from analyst Aneesha Sherman of Bernstein Research. This project to bring additional margin of safe shops to only low cost. Thus, Zalando has the long-term challenges of the industry, in your view, at a glance, and to distinguish themselves from other competitors.

the share

Zalando shareholders have experienced in the past, a rollercoaster of emotions. 2019 it up went to a thirst track rapidly - the rate doubled, the share was one of the best values in the MDax.

However, the paper had to catch up a Lot, after it was greased from the summer of 2018 in the Wake of several profit warnings and the value of a High of a good € 50 more than halved. Zalando 45,20 EUR -2,12 (-4,48%) Xetra

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To be running the course data

this year, the development so far seems a little sluggish. As the stock comes at a slight price increase of around 4 per cent., and is located approximately in line with the MDax. In comparison with other values, Zalando occupied a place in the midfield. Currently, the paper is trading at around 47 euros.

Thus, Zalando brings it to a total market value of around 12 billion euros, bringing the company's scratching the Top Ten of the MDax. The specialty chemicals group Evonik are with 12.4 billion Euro market capitalization and the fashion company Puma, with a market value of 12.1 billion euros on the places ten and eleven.

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Date Of Update: 24 February 2020, 11:00