Asanec emphasizes the importance of controlling and managing digital health to offer optimal care to citizens

MÁLAGA, 5 Feb.

Asanec emphasizes the importance of controlling and managing digital health to offer optimal care to citizens


The Andalusian Association of Family and Community Nursing (Asanec) stressed this Monday that Andalusian nurses "must prioritize and promote digital health in the health system." Digital health encompasses various trends and innovations, from digital platforms and cloud services to mobile applications, the internet, social networks, IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

For this reason, Asanec has focused its efforts on "leading digital modernization" in the field of nursing through its working group specialized in digital health. "This group focuses on updating digital skills, providing tools for healthcare and improving communication through social networks between healthcare professionals," the Andalusian association explained.

In this sense, the head of the Asanec digital health group, Sara Bermudo, explained that this working group "also promotes improving the assessment, accessibility, communication, security and health results of the Andalusian population. ", as well as "the continuous training of nurses in digital health and the updating of content through multiple active lines of research, thus contributing to the constant evolution of digital health itself in the nursing field."

"In primary care, family and community nurses have acquired and must continue to progress in improving digital health competencies, with an innovative vision and through the use of the latest technology available, with the aim of obtaining the best health results and improving the quality of life of citizens," Bermudo added.

Among the competencies of the family and community nurse in digital health, their continuous access to updated health information with the greatest scientific evidence available, to digital literacy, which allows the improvement of accessibility to health resources for users, stands out (citations online, monitoring and control of chronic conditions through teleconsultations or mobile monitoring apps), and fluid communication that allows health professionals to disseminate content, share experiences and establish communication channels with patients.

Likewise, these professionals must have access to tools that allow them to prepare explanatory material that is aimed at promoting the promotion of health and healthy habits, as well as promoting health prevention campaigns. Added to this is your right to security offered by health data protection regulations, with informed consent being essential when working with sensitive data or when disclosing content on social networks.

From Asanec they have recalled that in Spain, the National Health System has already launched the 'Digital Transformation Plan for Primary and Community Care'. This plan is divided into three key functional areas, the Digital Smart Health Center, Personalized Care and the Digital Transformation of support services.

The Smart Digital Health Center seeks to provide health centers with comprehensive patient-centered digital services, including projects such as the automated reuse of medical record data and intelligent patient selection systems, while Personalized Care encompasses in-person and virtual services designed specifically for patient groups that require continuous care, such as teledermatology or mental health teleconsultation.

For its part, the Digital Transformation of support services aims to modernize non-care management, with projects ranging from assisted shift management (TurnoSAS) to cybersecurity for medical devices.

Finally, the Andalusian Association of Family and Community Nursing has highlighted the importance of following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) on digital health, which considers this discipline of great importance to guarantee universal health coverage. , respond to health emergencies and improve the well-being of one billion people around the world, according to the Global Digital Health Strategy 2020-2025.

In the field of digital health, Asanec promotes continuous training and updating through multiple active lines of research to improve the assessment, accessibility, communication, safety and health results of the Andalusian population, thus contributing to the evolution constant of Digital Health in the nursing field.

Asanec is the Andalusian Association of Family and Community Nursing made up of nurses from all over Andalusia who, without profit, work for and for the development of the profession.

Asanec, as a scientific society, pursues the improvement of healthcare quality at the community level from the defense of public health, influencing and dialoguing with the Administrations. Among its purposes is to provide training and research in nursing practice to offer quality care to the community, as well as to collaborate with other scientific societies and associations for the better development of the profession.