Benefits and Applications of Industrial Floor Scales

A floor scale is a standard functional fixture used in many industrial settings

Benefits and Applications of Industrial Floor Scales
 A floor scale is a standard functional fixture used in many industrial settings. The capacity of an industrial weighing scale allows for taking the weight of oversized objects which an ordinary scale will not be able to do. A floor scale describes any weighing device operating at floor level such as pallet beams, platform scales, and pallet scales. You can find floor scales in locations such as factories, dockyards, and warehouses.


Benefits of using a floor scale


There are many advantages to using floor scales over other kinds of scales including:


•        Higher weighing capacity and larger pans to accommodate bulky objects.

•        The pan is flat which allows for more accessible storage under pallets or inside containers when there is limited space.

•        Floor scales are versatile and can be used together with crushes and support for weighing a variety of objects including livestock and car parts.

•        The solid construction is more reliable for use in most industrial conditions.

Because floor scales are convenient, durable and versatile, they are highly suitable for a variety of applications even those outside the industrial setting.


Different applications for floor scales


A floor scale functions much like an ordinary weighing scale. Some floor scales may have features that allow the user to indicate specific functions such as counting parts. Since floor scales are usually more prominent, it is best to use them in an open space with a flat surface. Nevertheless, these scales are also portable, and you can stack or store them away quite quickly.


1.      Industrial application. An industrial floor scale is typically meant for use in warehouses, factories, shipyards, and similar locations. Floor scales used in these types of applications usually feature higher capacities to weigh crates, and oversized pallets. Most industrial floor scales include additional features that help check inventory.

2.      Commercial or retail application. Commercial floor scales are especially useful for stocking and inventory. For retail companies like supermarkets and department stores, using a floor scale with a check weighing feature helps in maintaining a detailed and accurate record of available products for distribution.

3.      Veterinary and farming application. Floor scales are also useful in farming applications such as weighing livestock. Apart from larger animals like cows and pigs, floor scales offer a versatile capacity to include smaller animals like poultry. Weighing animals using a floor scale is typically a preliminary step for transportation. For applications that require the weighing of zoo animals, floor scales are often combined with crushes to create a barrier and efficiently weigh live animals that would otherwise misbehave and cause damage.

Choosing the right type of floor scale suitable for the intended application is also vital to ensure that it is sufficient for the anticipated needs. For example, floor scales have varying pan sizes which means that you also need to take into account the available space in the area where it will be used. Apart from the actual capacity of the scale, it is also crucial to consider if additional features are necessary for added convenience and efficiency. 
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