COMMUNICATED: Transform a business with 'Sell more in 7 steps' by Salvador Vilalta Blanco

Madrid, June 30.

COMMUNICATED: Transform a business with 'Sell more in 7 steps' by Salvador Vilalta Blanco

Madrid, June 30

Salvador Vilalta Blanco, renowned expert in marketing and technology, launches his new book 'Sell more in 7 steps'. A practical and accessible manual that promises to revolutionize the sales of small and medium-sized companies

In his latest book, Salvador Vilalta Blanco makes his experience and knowledge in marketing and technology available to small and medium-sized companies. With a professional career that includes training as an associate professor at ESIC and collaboration with universities and companies from different sectors, including retail, travel, tourism, finance and insurance, Vilalta Blanco uses his deep understanding of the market to provide companies with practical guidance. and effective in Selling more in 7 steps. The author expresses his commitment to small and medium-sized businesses, which often face difficulties in accessing relevant information and advanced technological tools due to their limited resources. This book is an invitation to small business owners and marketing students to discover a fascinating world of career opportunities. The book proposes a simplified seven-step methodology for improving sales and customer relationships. These steps include knowing the target audience, mapping the customer 'journey', content strategy, digital asset positioning, advertising strategy, process automation and results measurement.Salvador Vilalta Blanco has written this book with the firm purpose of make life easier for entrepreneurs and free them from the complexity of marketing and technicalities. As Andy Stalman rightly points out in the book's foreword, "the positive experience will become more and more relevant and strategic. The customer will forget almost everything except how you have made them feel." It is more than a marketing book; is a complete guide that unravels the potential of Customer Experience-oriented marketing, showing the most suitable and accessible technologies for your company. Be sure to read more about Salvador Vilalta Blanco's reflections and insights on his blog here. If you are ready to transform a business and start selling more, you can buy his new book on Amazon.Through Selling more in 7 steps, Salvador Vilalta Blanco not only offers strategies to increase sales, but also how to make each interaction with your company a memorable experience. As he himself says, "companies that get down to work and understand these changes will prosper. Those that don't will have serious problems competing and ultimately existing."

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