COMMUNICATION: Esencia Estética analyzes the advantages of intense pulsed light for acne

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COMMUNICATION: Esencia Estética analyzes the advantages of intense pulsed light for acne

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Aesthetic Essence explains how Nordlys IPL advances are allowing acne patients to regain confidence in their skin.

Bilbao, March 11, 2024.- 95% of the Spanish population suffers or has suffered from acne at some point in their life, according to data from the Spanish Association of Dermatology and Venereology (AEVC), and around 14% of people They maintain this condition past adolescence. Its consequences often manifest themselves in the form of marks and scars, and although they do not represent a physical health problem, they do pose one on an emotional level. Now, thanks to the advancement of medical-aesthetic equipment, there are protocols that offer an effective solution with hardly any recovery time. The patient who goes to an aesthetic medicine center worried about their acne marks is very peculiar. This is stated by Vanessa Orejuela, Technical Director of the Esencia Estética clinics. In her more than 5 years of experience, she has observed that this type of patient "comes desperate to the consultation because she has already tried everything." This makes them a very skeptical type of customer, who also knows the different protocols that exist and their limitations. Now there are more effective alternatives without those feared side effects, such as the intense pulsed light IPL from Nordlys. IPL treatments work by applying light of different wavelengths that are selectively absorbed by the pigments in the skin. Light energy is converted into heat, fragmenting melanin and promoting its elimination by the immune system. In addition, the heat generated promotes the coagulation of damaged blood vessels to reduce the redness associated with acne spots. This treatment is performed in a few minutes, hardly requires recovery time and in many cases, offers visible results from the first time. session. Its high tolerability means that more patients opt for this type of treatment every day, since "the patient only notices a slight discharge of heat and can return to their normal life the same day," says Orejuela. As it also actively affects Propionibacterium acnes - the bacteria responsible for acne -, the Norlys IPL offers a comprehensive solution to the concerns of these people because it combats both the origin of the problem and its consequences. This makes the Nordlys IPL stands out as a promising option that not only offers visible results from the first session, but also minimizes the side effects that have historically accompanied other more invasive treatments. In a context where self-esteem and confidence are so important, this alternative represents a ray of hope for those who fight the consequences of acne. For this reason, Esencia Estética continues to focus on innovative treatments that address both aesthetic concerns and the emotional well-being of patients. Issuer: Esencia Estética

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