COMMUNICATION: Revolution in road safety with emergency lights approved and connected to the DGT 3.0

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: Revolution in road safety with emergency lights approved and connected to the DGT 3.0

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Erum Vial announces a new era of road safety that begins with the mandatory nature of approved and connected emergency lights, supported by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) 3.0

Madrid, March 11, 2024.- In a continuous effort to advance road safety and reduce accidents, the DGT opted for the mandatory implementation of certified and connected emergency lights starting in 2026. These innovative V16 connected emergency lights, They will replace the traditional danger warning triangles. These devices emit a high intensity yellow light intermittently and continuously with 360º visibility, and are equipped with connectivity with the DGT 3.0 Platform. Among the options available on the market, the LEDONE ECO Connected emergency light from Erum Vial stands out, which stands out as an outstanding option. Advantages of connectivity: Beyond danger signaling  Thus, these emergency lights become the only legal danger signaling element from 2026, according to DGT regulations. Acquiring connected equipment from the first moment offers several significant advantages: 1. Reception of position coordinates by the DGT, anonymously, facilitating a quick and effective response to emergency situations. 2.  Elimination of the need for a double investment, since the non-connected v16 lights, which can be found today, will not be legal from January 1, 2016, instead the connected V16 emergency lights will comply with all legal requirements, currently and as of the established date. In summary, the implementation of connected emergency lights represents a crucial step towards a more efficient and proactive road safety system. Erum Vial, with its LEDONE ECO Connected emergency light, leads this revolution, offering drivers an essential tool for mutual protection on the roads, while being sustainable, being the only emergency light on the market made with recycled materials. and eco-designed for optimal recyclability. LEDONE ECO Connected by Erum Vial: Lighting the way to road safety  This LEDONE ECO Connected emergency light by Erum Vial is positioned as a benchmark in road safety, offering differentiating features that stand out in the market. Its efficient design and advanced LED technology guarantee a clear and visible warning light signal, contributing to accident prevention. The connectivity of the LEDONE ECO allows direct communication with the DGT 3.0 platform, anonymously, transmitting the location in real time and alerting other road users about the situation, for at least two hours. Rapid activation and real-time data transmission makes this emergency light an essential component for road safety. For more information about Erum Vial's LEDONE ECO Connected and the new DGT regulations, visit the website. Issuer: Erum Vial

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