COMMUNICATION: Launch of the collaboration in Spain Dr. Tufet Madrid and Laboratorios Renophase

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: Launch of the collaboration in Spain Dr. Tufet Madrid and Laboratorios Renophase

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 12

Alliance and innovation in aesthetic medicine at the hands of Drs. Tufet Madrid and Renophase® Laboratories Paris

In an unprecedented collaboration, Dr. Jaume Tufet, founder of the Tufet Clinic, and Dr. Michèle Eymard, founder and CEO of Laboratorios Renophase®, two leaders in health and aesthetic medicine in Europe, have integrated the latest technology in aesthetic dermatology and the most recent scientific advances redefining the way of approaching rejuvenation and skin care in Spain. This alliance leads a new vision of traditional aesthetic medicine by introducing a regenerative medicine approach focused on the precision of cellular longevity.

A new trend that is here to stay in aesthetic medicine are cellular longevity treatments, aimed at treating the origin of skin cell dysfunction. Only by recovering the health of the skin cells will they be able to improve their functioning, homeostasis, reduce those signs of chrono or photoaging (premature wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, loss of firmness, dehydration and skin hypersensitivity) and optimize their self-defense.

Another important aspect of this type of treatment is that they are integrative, that is, they use different innovative non-invasive medical technologies that in the same session allow synergies to be amplified.

In clinical practice, the session is composed of a Renophase® Integrative Dermatology treatment: Molecules that restore normal skin exfoliation, biological precursors, pre-programmed biomimetic molecules, antioxidants and Detox and photo-Regeneration (LED).

The results are visible from the first session, cumulative and long-lasting. 4 sessions are recommended, one every 15 days, based on international clinical cases.

You can visit the results gallery on the website.

The collaboration between Dr. Tufet Madrid and Laboratorios Renophase® not only focuses on highlighting beauty standards, but also on promoting health and addressing dermatological challenges such as rosacea or melasma. By adopting a revolutionary approach, these pioneers have given life to aesthetic treatments based on salutogenesis, one of the main axes of Renophase® Laboratories' research. This discipline is dedicated to promoting factors that promote health as opposed to internal factors that develop disease.

Every day, cells produce toxins in abundance and are responsible for recycling and transforming them. However, over time, the effectiveness of this function decreases, and cells lose their ability to regenerate. Renophase® and Dr. Tufet propose cellular longevity treatments that introduce biological precursors intended to stimulate the elimination of toxins by skin cells, thus releasing their exceptional natural capacity for self-regeneration.

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