COMMUNICATION: Maximizing the potential of the Digital Kit: Advice from ZUK

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: Maximizing the potential of the Digital Kit: Advice from ZUK

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Digital Kit scenario is presented as a financial lifeline for companies seeking to enter the digital world. However, in some cases it is being requested without considering the true potential of the opportunity, resulting in it being wasted. It analyzes those who have known how to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their company compared to those who, on the contrary, have been dazzled by the headline of "free" without understanding the possibilities they have in front of them.

Barcelona, ​​January 4, 2024.- In the current panorama of digital transformation, the Digital Kit, an initiative of the Government of Spain financed by European Next Generation funds, is offered as an essential tool for companies that wish to enter the digital world. However, it is observed that in some cases the kit is requested without fully understanding its potential, resulting in a waste of this opportunity. Subsidies versus effective digital strategies The Digital Kit is a platform open to all experienced digitization agents. It is designed to encourage active collaboration between beneficiaries and digitization agents, who play a crucial role as advisors in the first and decisive steps towards digitalization. Some mistakenly perceive the Digital Kit as a simple source of free services. What it really offers is the opportunity to invest in a complete digital strategy, including customer acquisition, preparing companies for the future challenges of the digital market. At ZUK as digitizing agents specialized in web design with Digital Kit, two trends are observed different among the beneficiaries. The case of Ana, owner of a traditional restaurant. Ana comes across the Digital Kit and it is seen as a window to new possibilities. With the help of digitizing agents, Ana embarks on the creation of a new website. She implements an online reservation system and a digital marketing strategy. Ana not only improves her online presence, but also sees a tangible increase in bookings and an expansion of her customer base. The case of Carlos, owner of a small clothing store. Carlos also accesses the Digital Kit, but his vision is limited. The help is seen only as a means to obtain a free website, ignoring the suggestions of the digitizing agents for a broader digital strategy such as that offered with SEO within Digital Kit. Carlos ends up with a basic website, without the necessary functionalities to attract a modern clientele. Carlos thus loses a good opportunity for growth in the digital field. From subsidies to real investments The question remains: are companies really taking advantage of the Digital Kit to advance their digital strategies or do they simply see it as a temporary gift? The key to success With the Digital Kit lies in understanding that it is not just about subsidies, it is an investment in the digital future of the company. Collaboration with digitizing agents should be seen as a strategic partnership that guides companies towards an authentic and lasting digital transformation. The Digital Kit is much more than an opportunity for free services; is a call to action for companies to commit to true digital transformation. Harnessing this opportunity to its full potential falls on each company, determining whether they will stay ahead in the competitive digital world or be left behind in the superficial digitalization game. Issuer: ZUK

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