Hartz IV: Five ideas for a better Hartz IV

No question, the rule sets are too low, degrading the conditions. But a reform of Hartz IV must be more courageous in order to help more people.

Hartz IV: Five ideas for a better Hartz IV
No question, rule sets are too low, degrading conditions. But a reform of Hartz IV must be more courageous in order to help more people. April 20, 2018, 12:35 Uhr351 comments Content
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    Finally, Germany is discussing its social systems – that was long overdue. Health Minister JensSpahn provokes with his statement that Hartz IV is not with Armutgleichzusetzen. And Berlin's governing Mayor Michael Müller has brought his proposal for a solidarity-based basic income movement in dieDiskussion. Demographic ageing, globalisation undtechnologischer change will soon neuherausfordern German social systems.

    Germany has an international comparison of a strong welfare state. It is also true, however, that each and every six in Germany today refers to less than 60 percent of average income. This share has risen sharply in vergangenenzehn years. Every fifth child and almost every second alleinerziehendeElternteil is at risk of poverty. These people will be Möglichkeitgenommen to be part of society and to shape ir lives independently. This is angesichtsdes current economic boom, a testimony to poverty. The social systems in Germany – from Hartz IV, health care, to SozialenInfrastruktur and education system – clearly help people who need help UndSolidarität.

    The social systems must be dringendreformiert, and this also applies to Hartz IV. Only toughest opponents of agenda 2010behaupten today, se reforms are to blame for rise in poverty and derin many, albeit not all, areas of increasing inequality. But it is also true that far too many people are dependent on Hartz IV. In DerDebatte, however, it is far too much about design details of Hartz IV: If ruleset is too low, degrading conditions. The crucial question is how integratedwith can be promoted to labour market.

    Wrong incentives from Hartz IV

    Five reforms should be focus of new federal government. Some actually have to do with DerAusgestaltung from Hartz IV. It is refore important, firstly, to raise rule sets, to besserauf needs of recipients and to allow more Zuverdienstmöglichkeiten. If today 100 euro is earned, state will collect 80 or even 90 percent of it. Incentives for labour market introduction are different.

    Equally important are aberReformen of labour market, so that more people can make leap from Abhängigkeitvon social benefits. As a second point, a NotwendigeVerbesserung of Hartz IV benefits must be accompanied by higher wages. Because already today it is worth Finanziellkaum to accept a job zumMindestlohn. Especially since at least two million workers, who are entitled to Mindestlohnhätten, are still not receiving it. Moreover, Germany has einenungewöhnlich large low-wage sector: Fastjeder Fifth employee is atypically employed. Better checks on minimum wage, greater coverage by agreements in low-wage areas and a moderate increase in Mindestlohnssind bids.

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