Home office: for example, employees can save taxes when you work from home

some get it prescribed currently by the chief. Others appear for quite some time, only sporadically in the office: working From home is the Trend. The fear of t

some get it prescribed currently by the chief. Others appear for quite some time, only sporadically in the office: working From home is the Trend. The fear of the Corona Virus, this development in German companies, again, a strong push. Even the German armed forces to the home office solutions.

However, not all employees are aware of the tax-saving opportunity that opens up suddenly. "People often forget that a tax credit could be up to 1250 Euro in the year to pick up," says Sigurd Warschkow by the Association for wage tax help for workers in Gladbeck. To participate the tax to the cost for the room at home may be worth. This is true even for professionals, couples or roommates, which alternate in the common home office. What all goes and what time is the IRS abwinkt. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 So much of the net

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In recent years, there was a lot of Back and Forth to the deductibility of the work room at home. This created confusion. From 2007 to 2010, only about the scheme: All or nothing existed. In the meantime, the following applies: a Few must all begin in an unlimited amount, but more and more, at least, the tax bonus of up to 1,250 Euro. Many of the professional can deduct operating again a portion of your home office costs, had rode a school teacher in the first place. Millions of Employees that work exclusively in your company, from going empty.


employees who want the tax advantage of up to 1,250 euros for a work room at home once to meet a requirement from the IRS: you must somewhere else have no individual place of work. Of service employees, insurance brokers as well as the majority of teachers benefit has always been about the outside.

the same applies but also for Employees, for example, the home office, because you only have a Pool place in the company – so a Desk with other parts of must. "Even employees who work out about two Times a week or every second day from home, can take advantage of the tax-saving opportunity," stresses Warschkow. Be tip: A certificate from the employer issued that there is no permanent place in the company. The financial administration will not lock.

Also, here's what's up

an employee of a professional musician can't make a practice room in the Opera house, he is also the tax benefit for the space at home to claim it. This also applies to taxpayers who are in Out - or in-service training, distance learning or other continuing training measures by pulling. Or for the one who uses his home office during the period of Parental leave or unemployment for the future Job learning. Or the mechanic that needs to be sold in addition to professional insurance and home paperwork, as well as Employees at home proven to still write essays or books.

Twice advantage for a home office

this is now possible: Share working married couples and registered life partners, a home-office, are now allowed to deduct for each of up to 1,250 euros, as advertising costs in the tax. The height no longer depends on the space, but the number of people working there, such as the Federal Finance court (BFH) ruled (Az. VI R 53/12). Of taxpayers, who live together and for reasons of space, to alternate in a shared room benefit.

the same is true also for "WG-constellations", in other words, residential communities, Warschkow. Be tip: In the sub-lease States that the roommate can use the work rooms, and also financially comes up. The counts from the tax authorities. But: Each Individual should be able to demonstrate that he uses the home office is actually professional and not only has.

As expected,

will anyone Who wants to reach the deductible amount of up to € 1,250 in the year once, must his expenses individually, emphasizes Isabel Klocke, tax expert by the taxpayers ' Federation in Berlin. A lump sum there is not, even if you could make everything a lot easier. The costs are apportioned according to the ratio of the area of the work room to the entire living space.

assuming that the apartment is 120 square meters in size, the room has 10 square meters. In the case of "home-workers could grab" 8.33 per cent of its expenses for rent and incidental expenses in the tax Declaration in. Also, lending rates are proportionately deductible, water and energy costs, property tax, garbage and chimney sweep fees. The larger the room, the more tax savings in it. The cost must always be plausible. The purchase of furnishings, such as a Desk, a Desk chair or reading lamp is in full deductible. Who wants to sell at 48 square meters of living space with a 30 square meters large room to work, doesn't work.


So that the tax office recognises everything has to look the home office like an office. It must not be used at the same time as the Ironing room. Professionally Necessary, such as Desk, chair, shelves, bookcase should dominate in the institution – otherwise it is a tax not a work room. Tricky it is, if there is a television in a home office, a guest bed, a folding couch or a fridge. The tax office is locked when a home office is obviously being used to 10 percent or more private. Who wants to sell a work area in an apartment or Loft, get guaranteed a rejection.

A study room with a lockable door. Walk-through room will not be accepted. You go from the home office on the balcony, it is considered a passage room, warns Warschkow. Be tip: The tax office a sketch of the apartment in square meters to present information are included. Trick is a risky one, stresses Klocke. There is, as before, on-site examinations. No Problem, anyone who has rented a room to work out of the house, so around the corner or in a different floor. Then the tax office will usually accept all of the costs. Your tax return in 30 minutes

Using the PDF-guide the annoying tax return succeed in you in just 30 minutes. Plus: tips and Tricks for the tax savings, as well as a great accountant Test.

PDF guide

everything goes

not only, but completely from home can deduct his costs for the home office unlimited from the tax. Is the office at home and the focal point of the entire professional activity, it is recognized by the tax office fully guaranteed. Working about a self-employed, an artist, a Journalist or IT professional only from home, he can pack up his room for an unlimited amount of advertising costs in the tax Declaration.

Even Housewives and -men can try, all your overheads, if you earn with the sale of insurance, cosmetics, or other something. This is also true for pensioners, who are self-employed and, for example, Work done for the previous company at home on the Computer.

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