RELEASE: 2023 IWD: XCMG Machinery supports women and promotes gender equality

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 2023 IWD: XCMG Machinery supports women and promotes gender equality

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- 2023 IWD: Promoting gender equality, XCMG Machinery supports women to expand career development opportunities in the construction machinery industry

XCMG Brazil organizes training courses on breast health and the "Listening to her" workshop, and launches language and professional training programs to promote the development of women's professional careers.

POUSO ALEGRE, Brazil, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On the occasion of International Women's Day 2023, XCMG Machinery (SHE:000425, "XCMG") has organized the first "Listening to her" workshop in Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais , Brazil. About 20 XCMG Brazil employees, from different backgrounds, shared their work and life experiences, and offered advice and suggestions for the management and development of the company.

XCMG Brazil has committed to supporting women in the construction machinery industry through a series of events and programs. Every October, the company organizes training sessions on breast health for female employees. In addition, its language and career skills training programs have helped many female employees achieve greater career success.

Laura Lopes, who works in sales, has attended training sessions not only to learn about the products and their functions, but also to handle the machinery equipment.

"During my three years at XCMG Brazil, I always have a sense of accomplishment when communicating with customers. I have been learning how to operate the machinery so that I can demonstrate to customers in a more attractive way, and I believe through working at XCMG Brazil and growing in an industry that I love, I will achieve greater success," said Laura.

Priscila Nogueira, who works in finance and accounting at XCMG Brazil, has been learning and updating, and has obtained the title of the Regional Accounting Council of Minas Gerais (CRCMG). Nogueira says that XCMG Brazil has provided her with a platform for growth and development, and that she will continue to reach for the stars in her career.

Yu Ziqiao is a professor at XCMG Technicians College who has been working in Libreville, Gabon to conduct training sessions and courses for local technicians, university professors, and government personnel. Yu herself customizes courses that not only provide students with a solid theoretical foundation, but also equip them with practical skills that are tailored to each person's skill level. She has compiled the university's first bilingual textbook, "Construction Machinery English", and teaches the specialized English course.

Yu has twice participated as a lecturer in national assembly, commissioning and maintenance teacher training courses. Together with her team, Yu has visited manufacturing bases to gain an in-depth understanding of the operation and maintenance technologies of 22 products from nine series, aiming to better serve her customers.

"The spirit of XCMG encourages me to keep progressing and support more students who will make significant contributions in the construction machinery industry," Yu said.

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