RELEASE: 38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference

-38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference: Wanhua Chemical shares inspiring and insightful practices on sustainability in the petrochemical industry.

RELEASE: 38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference

-38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference: Wanhua Chemical shares inspiring and insightful practices on sustainability in the petrochemical industry

HOUSTON, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Wanhua Chemical ("Wanhua Chemical", 600309.SS) Chairman Guangwu Kou delivered his keynote address — Meeting Challenges Through a Sustainable Path — at the 38th Annual World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) which took place March 20-24, in Houston, Texas. Kou discussed ways that companies in the chemical industry can drive sustainable development by implementing best practices and innovative solutions in the areas of energy, materials, management and applications.

Guangwu Kou commented, "To achieve green low-carbon transformation, we are well-suited to full value chain management, from our own industrial park production, collaborative innovation across the entire industrial chain, and end-user applications. Deepening waters upstream and downstream industry chain ties, developing high-level integration and cross-sector innovation is what will ultimately help us achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050."

Promoting low-carbon chemical transformation through the use of clean energy

Wanhua Chemical is driving scientific and technological innovation to advance low-carbon chemical transformation through clean energy, plant process optimization, thermal energy recycling, and carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) in production and operations of industrial parks. Wanhua Chemical has put forward its plans in the field of clean energy, including wind power, solar power, nuclear power, etc., and realized the rise of clean energy through joint ventures and cooperation. It is estimated that by 2030, all joint clean energy projects will enable Wanhua to obtain 14.9 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity every year and reduce carbon emissions by 8.65 million tons.

Wanhua Chemical's one-stop solutions to forge a green ecosystem that integrated supply chain

For example, Wanhua is an outstanding raw material supplier in the industry that can provide complete solutions for formaldehyde-free CWP manufacturing. A number of innovative building materials, such as fiberglass reinforced polyurethane profiles, have been successfully commercialized to promote green and energy efficient buildings.

In its efforts to make procurement, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and recycling greener, Wanhua Chemical and its suppliers have launched joint projects such as shared pallets, molded pallets, and recycled packaging bags to implement material circulation. and reduce the felling of trees and the generation of waste.

Proud to offer green innovation

New technologies for post-consumer material recycling include polyurethane (PU) foam recycling, in which waste PU material is used to produce highly compatible repolyol through chemical processes, which can be used directly to form foam, with almost the same formulation compared to the original polyol. . The process significantly reduces carbon emissions without compromising product properties and performance.

With innovative practices in its integrated adoption of green energy, Wanhua won the EcoVadis Gold Medal for the second consecutive year in 2022, ranking in the top 5% out of 75,000 companies, for its sustainable development efforts. Wanhua Chemical is also the first Chinese company to join Together for Sustainability (TfS), which supports and coordinates sustainability performance between chemical companies and their suppliers.

Through innovation, Wanhua Chemical has established a competitive product portfolio strategically focused on polyurethane, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and advanced materials with a dedicated commitment to sustainable transformation, under its mission to advance chemistry and transform lives.

To learn more about their sustainable practices, products and solutions, visit Wanhua Chemical.

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Wanhua Chemical (600309.SS) is among the world's leading suppliers of innovative chemicals. Relying on continuous innovation, commercialized facilities and efficient operation, the company provides customers with competitive products and solutions.

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