RELEASE: 3DMakerpro officially launches the Moose Series 3D scanner

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 3DMakerpro officially launches the Moose Series 3D scanner

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- 3DMakerpro officially launches the Moose Series 3D scanner, redefining the ease and accuracy of 3D scanning for beginners and professionals alike

New portable consumer 3D scanners further streamline the 3D scanning process with AI-powered features and robust hardware

SHENZHEN, China, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- 3DMakerpro, a pioneer in consumer-friendly 3D scanning technology, announces the launch of the Moose Series, beginner-friendly 3D scanners with AI eye-tracking technology . The Moose series is 3DMakerpro's latest offering in consumer 3D scanners, designed to convert medium-sized real-world objects into 3D models with remarkable efficiency and accuracy. Powered by a set of AI features and in collaboration with Oqton, developers of Geomagic Wrap, 3DMakerpro aims to make 3D scanning easier and more accessible for beginners and advanced users in the creative field.

"The Moose series takes consumer 3D scanning to new heights of precision and enables more users to benefit from the convenience of 3D scanning," said Tianshi Yuwen, Global Director of Marketing at 3DMakerpro. "Our dedication to innovation allows us to democratize high-precision 3D scanning and push boundaries to make all creative visions a reality."

Reproduction of realistic 3D models

Moose series 3D scanners have been designed to provide unprecedented precision and accuracy, effortlessly handling objects with dimensions ranging from 15 to 1500 mm. Equipped with a 24-bit color capture system, Precision-Blue Imaging System and Smart Platform, the Moose guarantees 100% color restoration while improving the vividness, contrast and intricate details of the model. Weighing only 280g, the Moose does not place any burden on users. With enhanced range cameras, Moose can create accurate 3D models with an impressive 0.03mm precision and 0.07mm resolution, making it suitable for various applications by generating models that closely mimic reality. Moose Lite, which is the most affordable option in the range, features monochrome textures with 0.05mm accuracy and 0.1mm resolution, and weighs just 250g. Additionally, the Moose offers a depth of field ranging from 50mm to 500mm and can capture greater vertical space, making it simpler to scan deep cavities and complex objects with significant surface variations.

The Moose series features a 40% improvement in accuracy and 20% improvement in resolution compared to its predecessors. Users benefit from the Moose series' ability to capture fine details and vivid colors, making it easier to accurately reproduce real-world objects and improve the quality of projects. Additionally, single-frame encoded structured light technology enables instant generation of a point cloud with every frame, allowing users to efficiently convert scan modules into detailed 3D models with ease and confidence.

Professional performance with ease

Moose scanners offer an easy-to-use alternative to traditional scanning equipment, known for their complexity and cumbersome nature. Equipped with AI-based eye tracking technology and advanced anti-shake modules, these scanners ensure adaptability to objects with intricate structures and diverse surfaces, including dense and deep-colored surfaces. This adaptability allows Moose scanners to consistently deliver reliable results with minimal user intervention, eliminating concerns about interruptions during the scanning process. The advanced AI Visual Tracking technology of the scanning system ensures a smooth and efficient scanning process without leaving marks on the object, while ensuring the protection of the scanned object from possible damage. Thanks to improved detection of surface features, users can rely on precise and accurate scans, obtaining a detailed representation of scanned objects. This allows users of all skill levels to explore new realms of 3D design and printing, effectively saving time and catalyzing creativity by encouraging them to explore limitless possibilities and achieve their goals without limitations.

Superior 3D remodeling experience

JMStudio software provides a complete scanning experience, allowing users to closely monitor the entire scanning process. JMStudio's automatic alignment feature ensures a perfect join in most cases, greatly improving the user experience. Additionally, JMStudio software visualizes the scanning process for users and offers free lifetime OTA updates to continually improve user experience.

3DMakerpro is working closely with Oqton, a renowned manufacturing software solutions provider, to develop Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro. This software offers a range of industrial-grade features and tools, such as point cloud cleaning, complex and organic 3D model reconstruction, surface tools, and automatable functions. These advanced features and tools are now accessible to general users who aspire to excel in their creative projects. In collaboration with Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro, the Moose series allows users to further optimize their 3D models, meeting sophisticated design requirements. These tools are especially suitable for advanced users looking for superior results in their 3D modeling projects.

Price and availability:

The Moose and Moose Lite 3D scanners, priced at $699 and $399, respectively, are now available on the 3DMakerpro website.

About 3DMakerpro

3DMakerpro, a distinguished foreign brand of Shenzhen Jimuyida Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2015 as a leading 3D solution provider. We specialize in offering cutting-edge 3D scanning devices. Our mission is to offer professional-quality, easy-to-use scanners that allow people to create their own immersive 3D world. With a team of more than 100 R&D experts, we have independently developed industry-leading software algorithms, such as multispectral projection system, visual tracking, markless registration algorithm and automatic model processing. 3DMakerpro is committed to pioneering innovation in the field of 3D technology.

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