RELEASE: Anycubic's A-Creators Fest: Igniting Innovation and Revealing Technological Wonders

SHENZHEN, China, Aug.

RELEASE: Anycubic's A-Creators Fest: Igniting Innovation and Revealing Technological Wonders

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 23, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Anycubic is pleased to announce its long-awaited 8th Anniversary Celebration, scheduled for September 2. As part of the celebrations, Anycubic will host the A-Creators Fest. inaugural. This year's festivities will last a whole week and will bring together esteemed users, revered influencers and media partners from around the world.

During A-Creators Fest, Anycubic will unveil a series of exciting events that will highlight the company's latest breakthroughs and breakthroughs in the dynamic field of 3D printing and celebrate the company's journey of success over the past eight years. .

1. Anycubic Formnext China 2023 Exhibition

As pioneers in the 3D printing industry, Anycubic is excited to showcase its cutting-edge technologies and innovative products at Formnext China 2023. This three-day event provides a prime platform to connect directly with esteemed users, respected media partners, and peers. Industry.

The highlight of Anycubic's participation in Formnext China 2023, which will take place August 29-31 in Shenzhen, China, is the highly anticipated debut of the Kobra 2 series, featuring multiple build sizes with significantly improved speed, reportedly of up to 500 mm/s, and the revolutionary Wash and Cure Max. The Kobra 2 series and Wash and Cure Max have been meticulously designed, exceeding expectations and boasting a variety of pioneering features that are bound to captivate 3D printing hobbyists and professionals alike.

Visitors are invited to Booth (B25), Hall 6, Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center, to try the Kobra 2 for themselves. Whether they are seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts or curious beginners, they will discover the perfect Kobra 2 model to elevate their unique creative journey. Other hot sale offers are also available for exploration, along with the opportunity to win prizes. Anycubic extends a warm invitation to everyone to join Formnext China 2023. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest event updates.

2. A-Creators Fest Livestream Extravaganza de Anycubic

The A-Creators Fest kicks off with an exciting live product launch, a prelude to the highly anticipated Kobra 2 series reveal and groundbreaking Wash and Cure Max. The date to remember is August 31, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT. The host of this exciting event is TikTok star Ben Pendergast (@itsboyinspace) !





Prior to this, be sure to catch the live interview between Jonathan Levi (@thenextlayer) and Anycubic James VP on August 29, 9:30 PM EDT.

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3. A-Creators Fest continues with exclusive offers

Spanning five extraordinary days, from September 1-5, this event is a resounding testament to Anycubic's steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and creativity.

During the live broadcast of A-Creators Fest, attendees will be captivated by a series of captivating experiences. From the impressive Kobra 2 series, poised to redefine the very landscape of 3D printing, to the revolutionary Wash and Cure Max, cutting-edge technological wonders will be unveiled. This provides participants with opportunities to acquire tools that can transform their creative visions into tangible realities, all at A-Creators Fest.

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4. PrintTech Connect: Anycubic's hands-on lounge

Anycubic invites friends and users from around the world to come together to celebrate innovation, convergence of ideas and interactions. Scheduled for September 1 at 2:00 PM CST, this gathering serves as a testament to Anycubic's unwavering pursuit of excellence within its global community. By providing a unique platform for hands-on participation, the Global Innovation Rendezvous offers a glimpse into the heart of the company's innovation core.

Esteemed media partners and influential figures will come together, engage in candid conversations and share genuine ideas. Guided by Anycubic engineers and management, this workshop and communication session will unfold as a dialogue-driven exploration and knowledge exchange. Questions will find answers, curiosity will foster connections, culminating in a narrative that intricately weaves people together on Anycubic's innovation journey.

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