RELEASE: FirstElement Fuel is selected as one of the 40 best GreenTech companies in the United States

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: FirstElement Fuel is selected as one of the 40 best GreenTech companies in the United States

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- FirstElement Fuel, a global leader in hydrogen refueling solutions, selected as one of the Top 40 GreenTech Companies in the United States by Time Magazine

Time, in collaboration with Statista, listed FirstElement Fuel as #36 out of 250 companies named for reducing environmental impact on its inaugural list of America's Top GreenTech Companies

IRVINE, California, April 22, 2024/PRNewswire/ -- FirstElement Fuel Inc. ("FEF" or the "Company") has been selected by Time magazine as the 36th largest GreenTech company in the United States in 2024.

FEF ranked 36th out of 250 companies selected based on criteria such as positive environmental impact, revenue and innovative drive. The recognition was welcomed by the FEF team, which has overcome important barriers and continues to break records as a world leader in hydrogen refueling solutions. FEF's goal remains the same as when it was founded in California in 2013: To encourage widespread adoption of fuel cell vehicles, improve driving economy, reduce harmful emissions, and change the automotive industry and the world.

"FirstElement Fuel is honored to be recognized and grateful for the continued support of our partners and investors, including the State of California, whose dedication to hydrogen mobility has helped us drive unprecedented innovation in this space," explained Joel Ewanick. , founder and executive president of FEF. "We are also incredibly grateful to our dedicated FEF employees who focus every day on making a difference for the planet and keeping the company on track to achieve its mission of fostering widespread adoption of hydrogen vehicles."

FEF has achieved its leadership position in the hydrogen refueling space in part because its headquarters and base of operations are located in California. The company's 89 True Zero brand hydrogen dispensers are strategically located throughout California, from San Diego, through the Los Angeles Basin and San Francisco Bay Area, with locations in between to provide connectivity. FEF is also a premier partner in the California Hydrogen Facility's ARCHES initiative, selected by the US Department of Energy for a $1.2 billion grant. One of the ways FEF helps meet its mission, as well as California's climate goals, is by exclusively supplying certified1 hydrogen with net zero carbon emissions throughout its entire lifecycle at each of its fueling stations. hydrogen (HRS).

"We are proud that FirstElement Fuel, a California company, is recognized as a GreenTech leader in the United States," explained Tyson Eckerle, Senior Advisor for Clean Infrastructure and Mobility in the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development. "Hydrogen will play an important role in achieving the state's world-leading climate goals, and companies like FirstElement Fuel are further proof that California continues to create innovative companies and pioneers in the industries of the future."

FEF's numerous achievements and contributions in the field of hydrogen refueling include the design and deployment of the world's first high-capacity hydrogen refueling system, capable of refueling four vehicles simultaneously; best-in-class hydrogen refueling system performance and availability; and, next month, the company will inaugurate the largest hydrogen refueling system for heavy trucks in the world, with the capacity to refuel heavy, medium and light vehicles. HRS is part of a public-private partnership called NorCAL ZERO, jointly funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and managed by the Center for Transportation and Environment (CTE). ). FEF designed the station with a unique architecture, making it the first in the world capable of performing simultaneous rapid filling at 700 bars (i.e. supplying 80 kilograms of hydrogen in less than 10 minutes) on up to 200 trucks per day.

FirstElement fuel records to date

*Zero emissions vehicle

The company's technological leadership in HRS and hydrogen systems has also generated extensive in-house knowledge, including 10 patents granted or pending for technologies that, to name a few examples, have allowed multiple vehicles to refuel simultaneously from a single device, have automated offloading hydrogen during deliveries to improve safety and efficiency, and have reduced refueling times for hydrogen-powered heavy trucks.

About FirstElement Fuel Inc.

FirstElement Fuel Inc is a California-based company created in 2013 to supply safe, reliable, retail hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicle customers. The company is the leading provider of hydrogen refueling stations in California and the world, with facilities in Irvine, Santa Ana and Livermore, California. FEF has 89 retail hydrogen dispensers in 40 California locations and is developing a network of stations to service heavy-duty hydrogen-powered trucks, starting with the first-ever high-flow fueling station in Oakland, California, as part of the NorCal Zero project with the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission. In the 10 years since FEF was founded, the company has received government grants from the California Energy Commission, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the California Air Quality Management District Bay Area and the Sacramento Municipal Air Quality Management District. Private financing has been provided by Mitsui

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1 All hydrogen dispensed by FirstElement Fuel is certified zero carbon intensity by the California Air Resources Board.

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