RELEASE: Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: North America is consolidating among the most valuable leagues in the world

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Jose Eshkenazi Smeke: North America is consolidating among the most valuable leagues in the world

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The expert in Sports Marketing Jose Eshkenazi Smeke explains the effects of a possible integration between the leagues of North America

Madrid, January 5, 2023. According to the ranking of soccer leagues on the Transfermarkt platform, the possible integration between Liga MX and MLS would create the sixth largest soccer league on the planet, above Brazil. Within the framework of the 2026 World Cup, North America would consolidate at a market value of almost 2 billion euros. In this regard, the Sports Marketing expert Jose Eshkenazi Smeke stated the following: "certainly it is known that there is a common vision and many common projects between both leagues. The fans are very similar between the two countries, they are interested in the same classics and also North America has established itself as a premium pre-season destination for many European teams. Therefore, this possible integration creates the most important non-European league on the planet."

"The next World Cup clearly has a solid message to the world in tourism, in economic integration and obviously in sports. The United States joining the sport with the greatest fans on the planet and on the other hand the integration of an economic and cultural bloc unique in the world. It is an interesting opportunity in many aspects. The projections of integration in 4 years speak of a very relevant commercial area given the new supply chain processes. It should not be forgotten that Mexico City is the second largest metropolitan area Guadalajara 2026 will have a 2.5-hour connection with the Riviera Nayarit-Vallarta, which will give it a unique position in the world, and Monterrey will consolidate its integration with the US with the new processes for replacing supply chains. The ability to consolidate as a single region will be evident," emphasized executive Jose Eshkenazi Smeke.

All of the above opens a door to the integration of high-level sports leagues on the planet. Soccer leagues as well as expansion teams for the MLB, NFL and NBA. Mexico requires an infrastructure plan that allows this positioning.


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