RELEASE: Katira Solid Shampoo from Alma Secret, the formula that ends flaking on sensitive scalps

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RELEASE: Katira Solid Shampoo from Alma Secret, the formula that ends flaking on sensitive scalps

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Beautiful hair is healthy hair and you only need a good shampoo to achieve it.

Murcia, March 11, 2024.- It is increasingly common to suffer from sensitivity on the scalp, a forgotten area that requires special care because, despite not being visible, it has the same needs as the rest of the skin. "Stress, the use of very strong products, environmental factors, the accumulation of waste and bad habits are increasing pathologies in an area as delicate as this," says Rocío L. Cuesta, CEO of Alma Secret and Doctor Cum Laude. in Pharmacy. After the success of Shikakai, a shampoo to combat hair loss and dandruff that has broken all records, Alma Secret is once again betting on Zero Waste with its new Katira Solid Shampoo, a product that stands out for its complete formula and wonderful aroma. . Katira Bar: a complete formula that restores health to the scalp and hair  Katira Bar is a solid, nourishing, gentle and reconstructive shampoo, suitable for all types of hair (dry, brittle, damaged, porous, normal, dyed, straight or curlys) and for any scalp, especially for those that are more demanding, sensitive or prone to flaking. Its natural formula includes a unique complex of plant active ingredients and botanical ingredients composed of Katira (an innovative ingredient that restructures hair fibers), Oat Wheat Proteins and Triglyceride C22 Complex, an infallible combo that restructures the hair fiber, softens the cuticle, improves The resistance and density of the hair fiber increases its elasticity, eliminating frizz and providing shine, softness, volume and vitality to the hair. Its formula is enriched with Amla and Biotin, two strengthening active ingredients that provide energy to the hair follicle and promote healthy hair growth. And it is completed with a synergistic complex of 5 plants: White Tea, Calendula, Mallow, Aloe and Oatmeal, selected to soothe the scalp, eliminate itching and moisturize, as well as a cocktail of oils and butters (Shea, Mango, Sesame, Coconut , Apricot and Rice) that nourish and improve hair texture and elasticity. But it is not only its formula, everything that this shampoo can provide, but also sustainability, since it is biodegradable, Zero Waste and can last up to 2 times longer than a bottle of conventional shampoo. Although you may notice differences with a classic shampoo, its use is very simple and conquers you from day one, not only for its convenience but also for all its benefits. You can apply it directly to damp hair or rub it into your hands first, then massage the foam into your scalp. "Precisely the main reason why consumers are reluctant to use solid shampoos is the lack of foam, which can be interpreted as not cleaning the same way, since there is a false belief that this is what does the job, but this It doesn't happen with Katira Bar." Price: €18.20 (85 gr format). This product is for sale at  // About Alma Secret ALMA SECRET® is a brand of pharmaceutical origin that is a pioneer in the development of high-quality natural and thermal cosmetics. Experts in natural, restorative and preventive master formulas enriched with organic and wild plants adapted to hot climates, with an incredible survival instinct that allows them to store a greater amount of nutrients and active ingredients. They apply all their experience to the formulation of care products. of the skin or hair, natural oils and sunscreens using a powerful botanical base infused in thermal water and enhanced with clinically proven active ingredients that amplify the results.Sale at, Amazon and points of sale Authorized sales. Issuer: Alma Secret

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