RELEASE: Milbby organizes an Experience Day a day with Christmas activities for the whole family

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Milbby organizes an Experience Day a day with Christmas activities for the whole family

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Next Saturday, December 10, the most creative chain of stores in Spain celebrates the great Christmas party, with activities related to crafts and Fine Arts for all audiences.

On December 10, Milbby, the chain of fine arts and crafts stores, organizes its "Christmas Special Experience Day" in all its establishments with a multitude of activities for children and adults: creative Christmas workshops: decoration, lettering, textile customization, face painting , raffles and many more surprises! Christmas is the ideal time to share the passion for creating unique and special projects. Creativity has no age, that's why in Milbby you can find a paradise for all ages, where you can be inspired by an original and creative gift for Christmas, with thousands of products to give shape to everything in your imagination. And the best: for all budgets. These are some of the ideas that can inspire you to give creativity this Christmas: Gift ideas Creativity generates happiness Numerous studies confirm the benefits of enjoying a hobby for physical and mental health. For this reason, many therapists recommend its practice as a form of concentration and abstraction; managing to fully immerse yourself in the activity, raising the level of endorphins and therefore happiness.Ten main reasons to practice creative leisure:1. They are a method of disconnection: they focus attention on a specific activity that helps relaxation by making time fly by; a sensation that some scientists have called the flow state, related to meditation.2. They are a source of satisfaction: the time and effort spent to achieve the best result by creating something for oneself, full of pride and satisfaction.3. They help to improve self-esteem: when the project ends, a deep joy is felt seeing the challenge overcome.4. They improve psychomotor skills and mental agility: making the brain focus on applying precision and manual dexterity, exercising creativity and imagination.5. They are a form of expression where tastes and emotions are captured, it is even a sample of the state of mind.6. Alone or in a group: creating can be a time of fun and enjoyment with family and friends who share the same hobby.7. They encourage recycling: there are different types of crafts in which used products can be reused and give them a new air.8. Creativity has no age: anyone can share the passion to unleash their imagination .9. They are a very fun learning method for children: developing their abilities and imagination.10. Creative leisure is a fun way to enjoy free time and disconnect from digital screens. About Milbby Milbby was born in July 2017 in Spain as a unique online business concept ( and currently has 16 physical stores in Madrid, Zaragoza, Santander, Seville, Valladolid, Almería, Valencia, Jerez, Donostia, Barcelona and Toledo. Specialists in crafts and fine arts, where lovers of these disciplines will find a wide variety of products and services to give free rein to creativity practicing the hobby that they like the most, contributing to the happiness of the world through creativity, art and the imagination.

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