RELEASE: Mundo Postgrado launches its 8th edition of rankings of the best master's degrees for 2023

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RELEASE: Mundo Postgrado launches its 8th edition of rankings of the best master's degrees for 2023

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The study includes the most demanded training areas such as technology, education, health, environment or business management

Madrid, February 20, 2023.- Mundo Postgrado analyzes which are the best national and international master's degrees that can be taken for this year 2023. In this month of February, the portal specialized in higher education has launched its annual edition of Rankings classified in the areas of greatest interest to students. This is the most ambitious publication launched to date with the aim of becoming the reference guide so that students can choose the most appropriate training. The report is carried out by advisors who analyze academic institutions and areas of knowledge, preparing a List of those master's degrees best valued by graduates. The scope of this analysis has a marked international character since it focuses on institutions both in Spain and in Latin America. The rankings prepared by Mundo Postgrado are characterized by becoming a great tool for students with which they can:• Know all the academic options. The rankings prepared by Mundo Postgrado focus on more than 20 areas of knowledge, which provides a differential value for the student.• Finding an accessible higher education. The excellence of training does not have to be synonymous with a high price and with these rankings visibility is given to those institutions with quality programs at an affordable price.• Easily compare. The study provides detailed information about programs and resources and allows prospective students to compare the options available.• Make informed decisions about your future. The rankings are an objective way of making a decision by comparing different programs and institutions and choosing the one that best suits your expectations and academic interests. Óscar González, CEO and Founder of Mundo Postgrado, explains the main objective of the reports they make : "Our proposal covers a common gap in traditional Rankings, which leave out Institutions of proven quality, but with less visibility. Our rankings are based on the opinion of real students to whom we have offered advice. Our objective is to help prospective students have more tools in their decision-making process," he concludes. About Mundo Postgrado Mundo Postgrado is a portal specializing in information and advice on postgraduate programs, scholarships, Spanish-speaking universities and business schools . It offers free help to students when choosing the best option to pursue a master's degree, MBA or specialization. Formed by a professional team with extensive experience in the sector, Mundo Postgrado helps universities and business schools to develop new lines of work and product."We are impartial, we do not belong to any institution. We are objective, we adjust to the student's profile and their needs. We are experts in academic guidance and with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, we ensure free advice." You can get more information about their services through their website: Mundo Postgrado.


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