RELEASE: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €46,000 in Terrassa (Barcelona) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Repara tu Deuda Abogados cancels €46,000 in Terrassa (Barcelona) with the Second Chance Law

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The bankrupt fell into a situation of over-indebtedness from which it could not get out.

Terrassa (Barcelona), August 18, 2023.- The Court of First Instance no. debt that amounted to 46,000 euros, thanks to the Second Chance Law. SEE JUDGMENT.

The bankrupt went to Repara tu Deuda, the first office that applies the Second Chance Law in Spain, in a situation of over-indebtedness from which she did not know how to get out. Once the case was analyzed, the Repara tu Deuda lawyers began the procedures so that the person could take advantage of this tool. Once the result of the sentence is known by the judge, she is now released from 100% of her debts.

Debt cancellations occur every day in some autonomous community of Spain. This causes many people distressed by their economic blockade to trust in the Second Chance Law and request the services of specialized lawyers in our country. According to the lawyers of Repair your Debt, "the Second Chance Law has come to stay. It has entered many homes that were previously unaware that a mechanism existed since 2015 so that they could cancel their debts."

The lawyers from Repara tu Deuda, specialists in the Second Chance Law, point out that some of the main keys to succeed in the process are "having the best experts in this legislation, using optimal digital technology and having an approach focused on person since we are dealing with individuals and self-employed individuals who have suffered greatly from the economic situation". At this time, the office has managed to exceed the figure of 160 million euros exonerated to its clients.

The Second Chance Law allows the exoneration of the debt of individuals and the self-employed. For this, it is necessary that the following requirements are met: that the amount of the debt does not exceed 5 million euros, that they have not been convicted of socioeconomic crimes in the last ten years and that they have acted in good faith without hiding assets or income. For those who cannot use this mechanism, the firm also offers the cancellation of credit cards, revolving cards, mini-loans, loans and mortgages, once the contracts with banks and financial institutions have been reviewed to see if there is any abusive clause and to be able to claim to Cofidis, Moneyman, WiZink, Carrefour, Vivus, Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA, Banco Sabadell, myKredit, Kviku, etc.


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