RELEASE: Slenergy thrives in German solar market with iShare-Home Mini plug-and-play solution

FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug.

RELEASE: Slenergy thrives in German solar market with iShare-Home Mini plug-and-play solution

FRANKFURT, Germany, Aug. 18, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Slenergy, a world-leading innovator of sustainable smart energy solutions, has achieved remarkable success in the German solar market with its 4-unit iShare-Home all-in-one residential solar solution -15 kW cutting edge. The company's latest product, the iShare-Home Mini smart solar system, which has garnered immense attention throughout Germany, has captivated the market.

Based on the basic concepts of the iShare-Home system (standardized system and modular product design, simplified installation and smart energy management), iShare-Home Mini represents a micro power generation system for homeowners. By integrating photovoltaic modules, microinverters, support system and cable set, it seamlessly converts DC generated by sunlight into AC for home consumption.

With the concept of Easy Power for Easy Life, iShare-Home Mini system adopts One-Stop Box shipping. This 800W system employs two 425W PV modules, an inverter, a pre-assembled 5 meter AC cable, a 3 meter DC cable, and two sets of mounting frames. Ease of installation, adaptability to various scenarios, exceptional efficiency, and strong security features set it apart.

Benefiting from its pre-installation and plug-in design, the system requires just a few minutes to set up before delivering green power. The plug-and-play aluminum alloy system adapts to various scenarios, such as balconies, gardens, and walls. Enhanced for its lightweight and superior anti-corrosion capabilities, the system features adjustable angles ranging from 30° to 50°, ensuring optimum positioning for maximum efficiency.

The system features a high-efficiency N-type PV module that achieves an impressive peak efficiency of 21.76%. Its sleek all-black design embodies a minimalist aesthetic. The 12-year material and processing guarantee is complemented by a 30-year guarantee for the additional linear power output.

With IP67 protection, the inverter effectively resists rain and snow, achieving up to 96.5% conversion efficiency. Users can effortlessly monitor real-time energy consumption and analysis via their smartphones, thanks to the built-in WIFI and wireless module. The well-designed layout of the system makes it easy to identify and solve faults.

Slenergy introduced its innovative iShare-Home all-in-one home power solution in Munich this May and will officially enter the Italian market next month. Marking another pioneering step, the iShare-Home Mini solution has been quickly adopted by the German market and is now sold through priority channels. The next shipment will arrive in Germany at the end of this month.

Technology drives progress and innovation shapes the business. Slenergy's commitment to improving the industry and empowering customers with comprehensive solar solutions underscores its vision of a universally sustainable future.

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