RELEASE: SwiftFlats, a trusted alternative for comprehensive property management

(Bilbao, August 21, 2023.

RELEASE: SwiftFlats, a trusted alternative for comprehensive property management

(Bilbao, August 21, 2023.-) One of the most frequent headaches among the owners of a rental property is carrying out property management. This process involves a series of procedures, payments and negotiations that can take a lot of time and effort for landlords.

In the Basque Country, an alternative is to delegate this work to a team of real estate professionals like SwiftFlats. The professionals are in charge of the entire property management process with secure rental from start to finish, providing their clients with two important benefits: security and time.

The dream of every owner is to find a tenant who respects the contract, takes care of the property, pays on the dates indicated and does not create problems in the community of neighbors. However, all these processes require supervision and monitoring. Thanks to advances in the real estate sector, all these aspects can be delegated through services such as those offered by SwiftFlats.

The company has become a benchmark in comprehensive real estate management, as it has formed a team of professionals in different areas of the real estate sector who are responsible for the comprehensive management of properties. Its services range from the restoration of the property, through the promotion and negotiation of the property, to the delivery of the keys to the tenant.

A cumbersome task for the owners are the monthly rental charges. But this is no longer a problem, because SwiftFlats is responsible for paying the owner the full rent monthly without delay, since they expedite the payment with the tenants. In this way, they offer protection against non-payments, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of their clients.

Although SwiftFlats takes care of everything necessary in the management of the rental property, this does not mean that the landlord is oblivious to everything that happens in his property. On the contrary, the company, in its commitment to provide transparency and security, has an application in which its clients can see who is the tenant that is in their property, agree to download the rental contract and supervise the payments of the rents. Likewise, you will be able to have a detailed report of damages that may occur in the stay, during the time that you have rented your property.

Unlike traditional real estate, which can take approximately 40 days to rent an apartment. The company ensures that its services take an average of 13 days. In addition to obtaining 15% more profitability than other agencies in the market.

In short, when renting a property in the Basque Country, the services of the real estate company SwiftFlats become a recommendable option, because they are an efficient, technological and safe alternative that guarantees great peace of mind for the owners.


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