RELEASE: Technical highlights of MWC2024 FiberHome 10

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Technical highlights of MWC2024 FiberHome 10

(Information sent by the signatory company)

WUHAN, China, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- During MWC2024, FiberHome will showcase numerous innovative products and solutions, building a solid foundation for connectivity with a minimalist, smart, secure and green digital infrastructure. Allowing the growth of clients' business.

Harnessing the potential of 5G

Focus on 5G-A to drive industrial upgrades

Having completed several technology tests, such as unified sensing, Applications.

Industry-leading minimalist solutions

Introducing multi-sector integration where a single 6T12R RRU covers three sectors, simplifying site configuration and multi-frequency integration with products covering 700M 900M, 2.6 1.8G, enabling simultaneous 4G and 5G coverage.

Lightweight all-in-one solutions

Multi-frequency and multi-grid element integration products are offered, helping operators simplify network integration and reduce costs. The minimalist single-pole solution enables single-person deployment on a day-to-day basis, significantly reducing network deployment thresholds.

Newly updated xGTTH2.0 solutions

The xGTTH (FWA) 2.0 solution provides a more consistent and flexible deployment scenario as well as intelligent end-to-end FWA solutions for networks. This addresses various needs of network operators, such as flexible package offerings, special guarantees for users and operational monitoring.

Encender Smart ON

Pooling Metropolitan's industry-leading WDM solution, creating optimal TCO

Real CD N*M WSS Tarietas with high integration and industry-leading dimensions, allowing multiple access ring lines to share a WSS. This greatly simplifies lines, reduces interconnected fibers, and helps metropolitan areas create optimal TCO sites. Compared to ROADM, single site costs are reduced by 70%, while power consumption and data center space are reduced by 90%.

Leader in Short Distance Optical Amplification (ROPA)

It accommodates 48 pairs of amplification fibers with a maximum system capacity of 460T, eliminating the need for optical relays for signal gain and ground power supply units. This significantly reduces the cost of connecting submarine cables, enabling more efficient and cost-effective network deployment, providing better product solutions for submarine cable transmission systems within a 500 kilometer radius.

OLT 50GPoN leader for the arrival of the 10 Gigabit era

The new generation 50GPON OLT has a backplane switching capacity of 35.2T, reaching an industry-leading level. It supports the coexistence of GPON,10GPON and 50GPON and is compatible with existing service boards. This helps operators upgrade their networks seamlessly while saving deployment costs.

Advances in fiber optic technology pave the way for future communications

Single-mode fibers with 19 cores have achieved a system transmission of 3.61Pbit/s per fiber. 7-core single-mode fibers used in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the world's longest distance and capacity for SDM optical networking applications.

Liberate the digital

AI powers network operations to improve broadband network quality

From intelligent user appointments, automatic work order distribution, real-time resource monitoring to inventory threshold warnings, providing intelligent management of the entire maintenance service process to help operators effectively reduce costs operational and improve broadband quality.

Intelligent Emergency Fusion Command Solutions for Safer and Better Lived Cities

With features such as real-time event mapping, front and rear video remote command, and intuitive visual dispatch processes, it helps emergency response and firefighting departments achieve unified command and joint actions. This provides reliable protection for urban public safety, improving public life.

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