RELEASE: The evolution of a physicist to father of modern folding bicycles (2)

- DAHON founder Dr.

RELEASE: The evolution of a physicist to father of modern folding bicycles (2)

- DAHON founder Dr. David Hon: Evolution from Physicist to Father of Modern Folding Bikes

Explore the balance between change and constancy in pursuit of innovation and sustainable travel

OLNEY, Ill., June 9, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Dr. David Hon, President of leading folding bike brand DAHON and a pioneer in the folding bike industry, has developed a patented technology called "Deltec" for all the new DAHON bikes this year. This patented technology has been proven through extensive indoor and outdoor testing as well as driving data analysis. Deltec technology gives DAHON bicycles unmatched resistance and speed, surpassing the performance of conventional mountain and road bicycles on the market.

Throughout the year, Dr. Hon also plans to publish four academic articles that shed light on functionality and safety solutions on various types of bicycles. These publications will become valuable industry references and will contribute to the advancement of cycling technology.

In particular, Dr. Hon's groundbreaking research carried out several decades ago has played an important role in the recent breakthrough by the US Department of Energy in the field of nuclear fusion. For the first time, scientists have achieved a net increase in energy in nuclear fusion reactions, and one of the key technologies of this milestone stems from Dr. Hon's earlier work.

For many years, Dr. Hon has dedicated himself to finding the perfect balance between change and consistency, from revolutionary advances in nuclear fusion to transforming folding bicycles into truly comfortable and user-friendly modes of transportation.

Committed to ecological travel, in pursuit of life change

In 1972, Dr. Hon joined Hughes Aircraft, the world's leading US aerospace technology company, where he played a key role in early R&D work on tactical lasers. During the space race of the 1970s, he was recognized as a highly respected leader in the field of laser technology. The Laser Handbook, which Hon co-authored, had a significant impact on the industry and became a must-have reference for the scientific community. His outstanding research achievements earned him numerous invitations to lecture at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 1975, in the midst of a severe oil crisis, the pressing need for more efficient urban transport solutions became evident, calling for a reduction in dependence on the automobile. Recognizing the future potential of sustainable travel, Dr. Hon embarked on a transformative mission to revolutionize public transportation. He began to investigate in depth more comfortable ways to transport bicycles. While keeping his main job, he devoted seven years of in-depth research to improve the comfort of bicycle transportation. Dr. Hon focused on perfecting existing folding bikes, replacing their cumbersome design with a more user-friendly alternative. He meticulously optimized five critical aspects of folding bikes: maneuverability, foldability, lightness, safety, and economy. This relentless pursuit of excellence allowed him to maximize his potential while striking a harmonious balance between these crucial elements.

In 1982, Dr. Hon introduced the world to the first DAHON folding bike, which served as the prototype for most contemporary folding bikes. When he reached the midpoint of his life, he fearlessly turned away from his burgeoning career as an aeronautical engineer and physicist. With a firm commitment to the betterment of society, he embarked on a new path, driven by the conviction that his efforts would contribute to the common good.

Subsequently, Dr. Hon became known as the Father of Modern Folding Bikes, rising from being a physicist to a passionate advocate of low-carbon travel and a staunch defender of the environment.

In 2008, DAHON reached a momentous milestone by earning Guinness World Records recognition as the world's largest producer of folding bicycles, with an annual production of more than 500,000 units.

Development bottleneck drives transition to collaborative innovation

Over the past four decades, DAHON, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Hon, has relentlessly pursued its mission to provide unparalleled products and services to customers while maintaining an unwavering dedication to innovation. Starting from humble beginnings, DAHON has become one of the industry leaders in terms of sales, cementing its reputation as a globally recognized brand of mass-produced bicycles. With subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities strategically located in various countries, DAHON has cultivated a formidable international presence, embodying its commitment to serving a diverse global market.

DAHON folding bikes have achieved remarkable production and sales success, captivating the public's attention. However, starting a business is hard, and maintaining it presents even greater challenges. One of them was the inadequate protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), which led to many competitors misappropriating DAHON's patented technology. This led to a flood of substandard and counterfeit folding bikes on the market, significantly impacting DAHON's global operations. Faced with this development bottleneck, DAHON was faced with a crucial decision: engage in a long battle against infringement or pursue revolutionary breakthroughs.

As China continues to place greater emphasis on IPR protection, Dr. Hon implemented a dual-brand marketing and technology sharing strategy in 2019, allowing industry peers to use widely recognized or trusted IPRs. As a result of this approach, to date DAHON has established stable partnerships with more than 40 leading national and international bicycle manufacturers, offering them a wide range of high-tech key components. The collaborative effort enables manufacturers to streamline their branding processes, optimize resource allocation, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Dr. Hon's entrepreneurial vision is reflected in his unwavering dedication to building an innovation-driven company and fostering industry growth by sharing resources.

In 2023, an innovative era for folding bikes with single-spar frames will usher in, as the popular bike brand equips all new models with cutting-edge Deltec technology. The revolutionary Deltec improves the strength and stiffness of the frame, offering unprecedented performance. This superiority was visibly demonstrated in the speed challenge race during this year's China Cycle in Shanghai, where Deltec-equipped bikes outperformed big-wheelers. Although the integration of Deltec technology can mean increased production costs and reduced profit margins, it is essential to maintain the brand's leadership position in the market, focusing on product differentiation and continuous improvement. .

Thanks to the increased emphasis of the Chinese government on the protection of intellectual property rights, DAHON's innovative bending technology enjoys effective safeguards. Led by Dr. Hon, the company's R&D team has secured more than 500 bicycle patents in domestic and international markets. Approximately 10% of the 130 million bicycles sold worldwide each year are foldable, and the vast majority incorporate between 5 and 6 patented technologies developed by DAHON.

Thanks to its extensive experience in R D and the exceptional quality of its products, DAHON has demonstrated its great technological advantages and its leadership in the sector. No longer limited to folding bikes, DAHON's product portfolio includes electric, assisted electric, chauffeured, carbon fiber, telescopic, beginner and children's bikes.

In addition, DAHON will be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange in 2024 with the support of CITIC Securities, further consolidating its position in the sector.

Dr. Hon's pursuit of excellence and entrepreneurial mindset have been evident in the many iterations of the company over the years.

In the path of hard work, the main mission remains unchanged

As they say, hard work pays off. Over the past decades, DAHON has received numerous national, ministerial and provincial awards, as well as being recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, a highly regarded designation in the country. Other awards have been the Taiwan Invention Award and the Gold Medal in the Eurobike design contest. In particular, the company's new CURL/disc brake electric bicycle has won the Innovation Gold Award at China Cycle.

At the 2023 China Two-Wheeled Fashion Brand Week and Electric Bicycle Design Contest, DAHON's Ultralight Carbon Fiber Folding Bike Received the Gold Award for Standing Out Among Hundreds of Competitors and Earning a Place on Ray's 2023 Best Fashion Bikes List.

In 2021, Dr. Hon was featured on the cover of China Bicycle Magazine and was invited for an exclusive interview with CCTV's Extraordinary Craftsmen in 2022.

Despite these recognitions, Dr. Hon remains committed to his original mission of "serving the people."

Dr. Hon's philanthropic work includes his active participation in the "Hope for the Pearl" program of the Zhejiang Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation. Over the past ten years, he has provided financial aid to more than 200 disadvantaged "pearl students" through the program, enabling them to pursue higher education while spreading love and warmth through green public services.

Over the course of his remarkable 80-year career, Dr. Hon has gone from physicist to environmental advocate, inventor, and philanthropist. His numerous transformations highlight his noble character and his unwavering dedication to serving society with selfless love and compassion.

Looking ahead, DAHON is willing to wholeheartedly embrace Dr. Hon's business philosophy, which revolves around technology, fashion, environmental protection and convenience. The company will continue to foster innovation, share its experience and strive to become a pioneer in the sustainable travel industry.

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