RELEASE: The perfect vegan and sustainable perfumes to give away at Christmas

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The perfect vegan and sustainable perfumes to give away at Christmas

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 1, 2022.-

Delisea is a perfumery brand highly committed to the values ​​of veganism, respect for the environment and helping animals. In fact, it is the first perfumery brand in Spain with the V-Label seal, which guarantees that the formulation of its perfumes fully respects the vegan philosophy. Now it presents six special cases with six vegan and sustainable perfumes inspired by the Mediterranean

Delisea's range of six Mediterranean fragrances, four for women and two for men, is committed to the use of natural raw materials of plant origin and all ingredients of animal origin have been eliminated in its production process. Its packaging, cared for down to the last detail, is an example of sustainability: the labels are made with a high content of recycled fibers and their ink is vegetable-based and the box is FSC-certified, which means that it comes from forests managed in a manner sustainable, the same as the perfume stopper.

In addition, these six special cases include a free roll-on that helps to generate less waste with its refillable format, because once all the perfume has been used, it can be refilled with the 150 ml bottle.

In short, a vegan, sustainable and animal friendly Christmas proposal that helps preserve the environment, something that for Delisea is everyone's responsibility and an attitude that must be present in every small act of life. The brand contributes its grain of sand by donating 2% of each product to ANSE (Association of Naturalists of the Southeast), an organization that is mainly dedicated to the dissemination, study and defense of nature, animals and the environment.

Each of these Delisea cases contains a 150ml perfume plus a free 12ml refillable roll-on. Six fragrances inspired by six emblematic corners of the Mediterranean. The four feminine ones are Adarce, inspired by the flower market that is located on the outskirts of the Spice Bazaar, in the city of Istanbul; Coral, whose origin is inside the colorful valley of Ricote, in the Region of Murcia; Sea Bloom recreates the central street of the old town of Molyvos, on the Greek island of Lesbos; and Suna, inspired by one of the oldest spaces in Barcelona: the Gothic Quarter.

The two men's fragrances are Kay, which is inspired by the "Bosco de la Baronia" from Sicily; and Wave, which recreates the southeast tip of the island of Cyprus, Cape Greco.

Delisea's special cases have a recommended retail price of €54.95.


Contact name: Marta González de Canales

Contact telephone number: 91 535 00 68