RELEASE: Terra Norte, a unique franchise model that brings the north to the rest of Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Terra Norte, a unique franchise model that brings the north to the rest of Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Terra Norte chain of shops, cafeterias and taverns, specializing in products from the north of Spain, expands through the franchise model. Terra Norte is a unique business concept that combines three business concepts in one with the aim that the cashier does not rest for a single minute a day

The Terra Norte franchise continues its journey under the franchise model with a different proposal for both clients and investors and franchisees. Its objective is to bring northern products closer to the rest of Spain and develop a wide network of shops-bakeries-taverns where customers can enjoy these select products at any time. The business model The Terra Norte franchise chain is characterized For being the only restaurant franchise model that is capable of successfully uniting three concepts in one:• As a bakery, it uses the best products from the north to bring consumers the best flavors, sweet and savoury, from the Cantabrian coast.• As a cafeteria, from morning to afternoon it offers breakfast and snacks with a huge assortment of coffees, smoothies or frappés that are the perfect accompaniment to the bakery menu that the brand has.• As a tavern, Terra Norte offers a space where taste the best products from the north, the best beers, ciders and wines with designation of origin from the north. The best products from the north of Spain The concept of Terra Nor Its axis is the products of the highest quality and tradition from these regions of Spain: Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria or the Basque Country are the places of origin of the wide range offered to customers. Minipreñaos stand out, imported directly from Asturias, more 15 types of empanadas, classic empanadas with fillings that are only found in the north, Asturian black pudding, Cantabrian cheeses or gourmet preserves. As a tavern, the menu is completed by premium quality dishes such as squid rings from Cantabria, patatas al cabrales, chorizo ​​in cider, pork shoulder with turnip tops or Betanzos tortilla. Current and different places Terra Norte has become a business model focused on both young and old. A place where you can have a beer and buy bread at the same time, but with different areas. The locals seek to create a cozy, family atmosphere. But fun at the same time fun and current, with music. In short, an innovative, profitable business, with billing throughout the day and in full expansion. Expansion plans The Terra Norte franchise already has three stores in Madrid (Tirso de Molina, Calle Narváez and Calle de la Princesa), to which that three other franchisees already signed will be added before the end of 2022. Their forecast is for 15 new openings by 2023. The brand seeks to grow nationally until reaching a presence in most of the Spanish provinces. From the head office they recognize that " The idea is to facilitate access to a quality, traditional and artisan product for the general public, a product that comes from some of the most gastronomically interesting areas of the country." As they acknowledge, "the model invites investors who want to bet on a different concept, with great billing potential, easy to manage, with an adjusted investment and with an enormous projection in the market." Franchisees who want to join the chain can do it as a bakery, as a bakery-cafeteria or as a bakery-cafeteria-tavern.

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