RELEASE: From young entrepreneurs to startup investors and founders of a revolutionary video game

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RELEASE: From young entrepreneurs to startup investors and founders of a revolutionary video game

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Carlos Cameo and Carlos Ripoll founded their first technology startup, Netspot, in 2016. After years of learning and adapting to market circumstances, today they have more than 50 employees in total and three business branches. His latest project is Second World, a video game that aims to revolutionize the gaming sector

Like many other young people, Carlos Cameo and Carlos Ripoll, industrial engineer and graduate in business administration and management respectively, ventured to start their own business taking advantage of the sum of their knowledge and the enthusiasm that they both shared. Despite the obstacles and difficulties After starting a business from scratch in 2016, they managed to launch Netspot, an app that allowed users to connect to Wi-Fi networks without having to enter a password, "it was complicated because we didn't know what we were dealing with. We lacked experience, a business model, and an organization ", explains Carlos Cameo, and adds that "one of the best-known Business Angels in the country even told us that he would not recommend entrepreneurship to anyone because it is like moving stones with your hands." Without giving up and after several years of work, they managed to raise more of €500,000 in different funding rounds and participated in launches and startup incubation and acceleration programs such as the IE Startup Lab or the I impact hub. In 2019, they had more than 3,000 WiFi routers installed in hospitality establishments throughout the country and large clients such as Repsol, Iberdrola or Disney. Cameo and Ripoll considered that they should value all the talent of the development team that had made this success possible and redirect it to other targets. This is how Netspot HUB was born, one of the most recognized technology development and support companies for startups in the sector. "We have a team of programmers, designers and managers who help startups from their birth, to demonstrate that the car (their product) works and that they only need gasoline (financing)", explains Ripoll. Covid and the need to adapt of entrepreneurs Despite the fact that the hospitality business branch almost completely disappeared, the startup sector took off and many people contacted them because they wanted to develop their ideas. This made Netspot HUB grow to double its team and both founders began to invest in these new companies. In 2020 they carried out the same operation with the commercial team that was previously dedicated to the hospitality sector, relocating them to a new energy supplier that offered differential savings to the locals who were having such a bad time. Thus the next branch of the business was born: Netspot Energy. "The most important keys for a startup to succeed are the commitment of the entrepreneur and their ability to adapt. Romanticizing ideas and sticking to the initial plan is, in our opinion, the cause of death for many new companies," says Cameo. The future is in gaming In their line of "off-road entrepreneurs", the way they like to define themselves, this last year they have opted for a highly innovative project that aims to revolutionize the gaming sector. Second World is a city development and competition video game. This project wants to differentiate itself by the power that the players will have in it, since they will be able to be the owners of the game itself and its assets, as well as obtain rewards for their skills and hours of play. The video game is still in the development phase. development and will see the light of day throughout 2023, but these entrepreneurs together with their partners have managed to attract the attention of important names and companies in the sector, and already have a team of 25 people. For Ripoll, "finding financing to undertake is relatively simple, the problem in our country is not so much the lack of investment but rather the lack of training".

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