STATEMENT: FCC Construcción pioneers in finance and sustainability

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FCC Construcción pioneers in finance and sustainability

(Information sent by the signatory company)

At FCC Construcción, they have been a sustainable and responsible company for more than 120 years, with a clear awareness of their role in achieving a better world.

They are a pioneer company in the development of sustainable finance. They were the first construction company, worldwide, to join the United Nations Sustainable Finance group, as well as the first Spanish company to join it. The key to FCC Construcción's success lies in not neglecting any pillar of sustainability (social , environmental and economic). Only a harmonious growth of these three pillars achieves success in its objectives. They have addressed the financial-sustainable taxonomy within the annual financial and non-financial reports that are derived from the board of directors. FCC Construcción's good corporate governance bodies have set parameters and dialogue on the same level with the CFOs. This integration and symbiosis of language and indicators has led to better monitoring of the development of the set of sustainable financial actions that they have developed. At FCC Construcción they are applying the unified classification system (taxonomy, a set of standards and technical criteria designed to determine if a economic activity is sustainable or not), the development of reference indices linked to low carbon emissions and improvements in the disclosure of information on ESG criteria. Sustainable finances are key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and at FCC Construcción they are fully prepared for this, becoming a key instrument, as stated by the UN Secretary General, "without resources, we simply will not deliver for people and the planet". A leading international construction company The construction area of ​​the FCC Group , international reference in environmental services, water and construction uction. It has 120 years of experience and is among the leading construction companies in Europe and the world. The activities of the FCC Group's construction area cover all areas of engineering and construction, and it is a benchmark in the execution of works civil (roads, railways, airports, hydraulic, maritime works, tunnels, bridges, subways, treatment plants) and building (residential and non-residential: hospitals, football stadiums, museums, offices). It also has proven experience in the development of projects under concession and, in addition, it has a group of companies dedicated to the industrial and energy sectors, grouped under a single FCC Industrial brand, and other activities related to the construction sector.

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