RELEASE: Thunder Shield Security presents Custos, a revolutionary cybersecurity solution


RELEASE: Thunder Shield Security presents Custos, a revolutionary cybersecurity solution

TAIPEI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Thunder Shield Security (TSS), a Taiwanese information security service provider, today announced Custos, its next-generation scanning platform equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat proactively combat cyber threats and protect organizations.

Custos optimizes cybersecurity with a comprehensive toolset, including a URL fuzzer, website, network, TCP, UDP, SSL, WordPress and Drupal scanners, and Custos Strike, TSS's patented automated penetration testing tool. This unified platform is designed for effortless deployment and serves businesses of all sizes with diverse cybersecurity requirements.

1) Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform: Custos presents a unified approach to cybersecurity in which Custos Strike, TSS's automated penetration testing tool, is a critical component among various scanning tools. The platform seamlessly integrates features such as URL confusion and website vulnerability scanning (for websites, networks, TCP, UDP, SSL, WordPress and Drupal) into a single solution, streamlining workflows for organizations and Penetration testers.

2) Advanced attack graphs with AI machine learning capabilities: Custos Strike goes further by generating attack graphs and using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to detect potential patterns that indicate new, previously undiscovered or zero-day vulnerabilities. It also discovers new attack vectors and performs simulated attacks, accurately identifying critical vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

3) Improved Efficiency and Accuracy: Custos enables organizations and ethical hackers to comprehensively identify vulnerabilities, elevate security postures, optimize resource allocation, and meet compliance requirements. Streamlines penetration testing, reducing the time required from days to a single day or less.

4) Reducing false alarms with machine learning: At the core of Custos, machine learning sharpens threat detection by significantly reducing false alarms, ensuring a laser focus on genuine security risks.

Custos is poised to emerge as an indispensable component of every organization's IT security strategy in the dynamic cyber threat landscape. The platform is scheduled to launch in late 2023, and early positive feedback from beta testers, including web development company Perfect Co. Ltd., highlights its potential as a transformative cybersecurity tool.

TSS welcomes collaboration and investment from EU partners to drive its next phases of growth through infusion of capital or relevant expertise. In particular, TSS seeks partnerships with companies that have cybersecurity credentials (such as OSCP or CEH certifications) or connections with tech-savvy companies.

Leo Lu, CEO of TSS, said, "Our relentless pursuit of innovation at TSS has led us to develop Custos. We are confident that it has the potential to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry, making online security more accessible and effective for businesses and individuals. With Custos, we're not just protecting data; we're safeguarding the future of digital trust."

TSS remains dedicated to seamlessly integrating information security into everyday life, empowering customers to meet future security challenges with confidence. Interested parties are encouraged to contact TSS at for more information and collaboration opportunities.

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About Thunder Shield Security

Thunder Shield Security, abbreviated as TSS, is a forward-thinking team dedicated to addressing information security challenges head-on. Founded in 2022, our team is comprised of top-notch professionals from diverse backgrounds, including Taiwan's IT industry, Singapore's financial sector, and global network technology experts.

At TSS, our mission is clear: to provide clients with effective information security solutions. We leverage our extensive experience and skills to build robust defense mechanisms against external security threats. Our vision is to create an impregnable protective network for managing the security of our clients' information.

Looking ahead, TSS remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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