RELEASE: Volvo Cars joins TDCX to improve customer experience in Europe

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Volvo Cars joins TDCX to improve customer experience in Europe

(Information sent by the signatory company)

TDCX announces its partnership with Volvo Cars to further improve customer service in several European markets

Barcelona, ​​March 21, 2024 - TDCX (NYSE: TDCX), an award-winning provider of digital customer experience (CX) solutions for technology companies and large corporations, announces its partnership with Volvo Cars to further improve customer service. its clients in several European markets. TDCX offers customer service in more than seven languages ​​through multiple channels such as phone, email, and social media. Through this collaboration, customers are served in their native language and enjoy faster response times as well as a seamless experience on their preferred channels. TDCX is also supporting pre-sales activities, thereby completing the entire customer journey. Automakers are increasingly shifting focus, prioritizing customer experience in response to customer demand. Less than one in ten Europeans consider that car brands offer a good digital experience (e.g. online or via apps), while another study showed that almost half of customers think about changing car brands afterwards of a negative CX experience. Mr. Niclas Medin, Head of Outsourcing at Volvo Cars, said: "Beyond making cars that fit customers' lifestyles and are sustainable and safe, the brand is committed to helping them enjoy the experience of owning a Volvo. Ensuring a great customer experience is a key part of achieving that goal. In the constantly evolving world we live in today, the experience we provide to Customers need to keep up with changing needs, so we decided to enlist the support of a specialist CX provider, TDCX, to offer a seamless omnichannel experience to deliver to customers. The partnership with TDCX will help drive greater customer engagement and satisfaction.”Using technology like AI to transform customer experience TDCX has established CX teams for Volvo Cars in Romania and Turkey, acting as a hub to serve customers in Europe. These locations were chosen due to their talented pools of experts and CX expertise, which can support business operations and growth. To support your customer service specialists in efficiently and effectively serving Volvo customers Cars, TDCX also plans to implement innovative digital tools that provide a greater understanding of the customer's history and possible needs. This allows specialists to better understand the customer, reducing the duration of the interaction and streamlining the resolution process. TDCX also will collaborate with Volvo Cars to explore the use of artificial intelligence to further improve customer experience. Mr. Daniel Mereuta, Country Director of TDCX in Romania, said: "As customer experience continues to be a priority for automakers, it's clear that companies are shifting their focus not just on product features, but also on creating meaningful connections with their customers. This renewed emphasis on customer experience is not just about providing convenience, but also about delivering personalized experiences that evoke emotions and build loyalty." "Our expertise in establishing customer experience operations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively allows helping leading brands like Volvo Cars focus on their core business while achieving their CX ambitions. As we deepen collaboration with Volvo Cars to explore the use of technologies such as generative artificial intelligence to deliver digitally enabled experiences that maintain the warmth of a human touch. By combining intelligent automation with empathetic human touchpoints at all stages of the customer journey, from pre-purchase research to after-sales support, you can create an unrivaled customer experience that sets Volvo Cars apart. Volvo Cars with TDCX in Europe builds on their successful collaboration in Malaysia, which began just over a year ago. TDCX's expertise in omnichannel customer support and lead generation has been instrumental in facilitating a smoother interaction between Volvo Cars and Your clients.

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