RELEASE: What do Kawaru Consulting's results show in 2023?

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: What do Kawaru Consulting's results show in 2023?

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​February 27, 2024.- The dynamism of the business landscape, crossed by technological changes and fluctuating consumer trends, have highlighted the importance of having specialized advisors. In this sense, business consultants like Kawaru Consulting are essential support for today's businesses. From strategic guidance to the implementation of technological solutions, these entities contribute to innovation and business growth. This is demonstrated by the results obtained by Kawaru Consulting in 2023, which demonstrate its ability to promote all types of companies, generating a significant impact on the market.

Kawaru Consulting is an entity specialized in business and IT solutions, which provides technology consulting services to companies of all sectors and sizes. From an innovative perspective and committed to the success of its clients, the company has been able to carry out multiple adaptation and business transformation projects, to adapt organizations to the demands of the 21st century market. Thus, Kawaru Consulting's services are focused on designing and executing plans aimed at promoting the evolution of already established companies, as well as accelerating the growth and consolidation of startups in their specific markets.

During the past year, Kawaru Consulting stood out in the sector for its skillful planning and implementation of strategic projects. The consultancy's professional team, made up of a trained and experienced team, achieved an annual internal turnover of 1.2 million euros, which demonstrates solid financial performance in a challenging economic context.

Additionally, Kawaru Consulting's 2023 financial results reveal its impact beyond its own operations. The turnover generated for its partners and collaborators, thanks to the actions created by Kawaru, reached the notable figure of 5.5 million euros during the aforementioned period. These achievements highlight the consulting firm's ability to generate value and promote the growth of its partners in the business ecosystem.

The origin of Kawaru Consulting dates back to 2020, in the midst of the crisis triggered by the covid pandemic. Jordi Ribalta, founder of the company, saw in the situation an opportunity to offer his services to companies seeking to adapt and grow in a digitally challenging environment, and knew how to reinvent himself to respond to an emerging need.

Since its founding in September 2020, the consultancy has accompanied 95 clients in 170 initiatives, helping them achieve their objectives and take their businesses to the next level. With solutions ranging from technology consulting and business training to marketing, commercialization and development strategies, Kawaru Consulting's services have managed to cover a wide spectrum of current challenges in the business field. In this three-year period, the consultancy has generated more than 10 million euros in turnover for its partners, consolidating its position as a reliable partner for companies in various sectors.


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