STATEMENT: GEALAN-ACADEMY arrives in the Iberian Peninsula to revolutionize training in the window sector

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: GEALAN-ACADEMY arrives in the Iberian Peninsula to revolutionize training in the window sector

(Information sent by the signatory company)

In 2024, the GEALAN academy will organize four in-person events between Spain and Portugal. The events have a capacity for forty people and registration is done online

Barcelona, ​​February 14, 2024.- GEALAN, leader in innovative solutions for PVC windows and doors, announces the arrival of GEALAN-ACADEMY to the Iberian Peninsula. The academy, recognized for its commitment to excellence in training, will lead four in-person events designed for installers, architects, manufacturers, sellers, technicians and anyone interested in the sector. These events will address crucial topics ranging from window installation to digitalization and sustainability as essential axes of the future. The 2024 program for GEALAN-ACADEMY includes "GEALAN DAY" in four key cities. The first stop will be in Malaga on February 9, which with all tickets sold out for weeks corroborates the interest and demand for the training in the region. The second session will take place in Madrid on April 19, followed by Santiago de Compostela on June 14, and finally Lisbon on September 13. Each event has capacity for 40 participants, thus ensuring close, quality training. The academy's offering will cover a wide range of topics, from window installation to glazing and door assembly. Key aspects will be delved into, such as GEALAN-LINEAR®, a Passivhaus certified system with straight lines, GEALAN-acrylcolor®, with unique benefits against climate change, and the new GEALAN-KONTUR® series, designed with 82.5 mm depth mounting and rigid central joint to comply with RC3 anti-theft class. But not only will they talk about their solutions, but the academy also deals with aspects of marketing, digitalization and innovation, a program designed so that companies can differentiate themselves in the market with their products and services. GEALAN-ACADEMY is presented as an investment for the future of the sector, providing professional development opportunities and fostering a dynamic and interactive knowledge community. It is a space where professionals can advance and take advantage of the development opportunities offered by the German multinational. "In a world where everything moves very quickly, training is synonymous with investing in the future, or in other words, it is what will determine the success of any modern company," says José Miguel Cortés, Director of GEALAN for Spain and Portugal, who He will also be part of the academy's battery of speakers. As Cortés has reiterated on different occasions, in an era marked by personalization, technical advice is having a lot of weight among the general public who seeks and wants careful advice during the purchase to make conscious and thoughtful decisions in the future. Thus, GEALAN-ACADEMY emerges as an essential milestone for those seeking to excel in the installation and sale of quality windows.About GEALAN The GEALAN group of companies is one of the leading European manufacturers of PVC profiles for window systems and doors.GEALAN profiles are designed, manufactured and distributed in-house. They are the basis for manufacturing window systems, doors and modern sliding solutions of great beauty, exceptionally robust and especially safe, and providing them with the best thermal insulation values. GEALAN manufactures the extrusion tools used for the production of profiles in its own highly automated tool workshop. As a provider of innovative systems for PVC window and door profiles, GEALAN offers its partners a wide range of services such as consulting services architectural and construction engineering that help architects and planners in their daily work, or intelligent tools that simplify planning and bidding. In addition, they organize training courses and seminars so that their partners are up to date with the latest GEALAN solutions. Across Europe, GEALAN employs around 1,600 people and in 2022 generated an annual turnover of more than €390 million. Since 2014, GEALAN has been part of the family company VEKA AG, based in Sendenhorst, Westphalia. Issue: GEALAN

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