STATEMENT: Guillermo López Lázaro, Business Director of Euroairlines announces the opening of 12 new markets

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Guillermo López Lázaro, Business Director of Euroairlines announces the opening of 12 new markets

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Euroairlines Group is made up of the companies Eurodistribution, Flg Aviation, Euroairlines and the consultancy LLM Aviation

Madrid, March 8, 2023.- The Eurodistribution company has initiated the request to IATA (International Air Transport Association) for the opening of 12 new markets in South Africa, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Indonesia, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, China and India. With this opening of new markets, the distribution platform will be able to increase its services for current and future clients in top-tier markets, in terms of volume of air, train and cruise ticket sales. Eurodistribution is a member of IATA, the company is present in 11 markets in the Americas and in 15 in Europe and the Middle East. The company provides real or virtual connectivity between its own clients, increasing the networks of its operators of the different means of transport. With this movement, the Euroairlines Group company is positioned in the world ranking of inventory distribution companies with the most offer in terms of connections and distribution in GDS for airlines, rail and bus companies. Allowing these companies to be marketed by travel agencies and end customers in all the markets where the Spanish company is present. The announcement of the opening of the new markets has been made by Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Business Development of the Group Euroairlines in a meeting with the main OTAS, consolidators and agencies in Latin America in Santiago de Chile. "Our clients will be able to market in 2023 through Eurodistribution in 60 international markets that account for more than 90% of world demand; in the three largest GDS and on B2B platforms such as Travelfusion, HitchHiker or KIU, and direct integrations via API, while virtual interline alliances are developed, as well as with regional GDS and the possibility of incorporating air cargo is explored. We are happy with this new opening of markets and the challenge it represents for the company". Announcement of the launch of 60 new international routes, 18 of which are bound for the United States. And other main routes to Lima, Cancun, Quito, Havana, San José, Guatemala, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Santo Domingo, Aruba, Guayaquil, Mexico City, San Salvador, Kingston, San Juan, Paris, Palma Mallorca and Madrid, among others. All available through the Euroairlines Q4-291 Iata plate. Issuer: Euroairlines Group

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