STATEMENT: Hipoges hires Pedro Valle-Domingues again to boost its global business development area

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Hipoges hires Pedro Valle-Domingues again to boost its global business development area

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 12, 2024.

The new signing resumes its link with the servicer and responds to Hipoges' motivation to continue promoting the capabilities of this strategic department in relation to investments and financial entities. At the same time, with its arrival, the relationship with satellite companies will increase thanks to the marketing effort and new lines of business will be promoted in the four countries where it currently operates: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy

Hipoges, a reference servicer in Asset Management, announces the incorporation of Pedro Valle-Domingues to its team to co-lead the company's Global Business Development area. From now on, the expert in the servicing and financial environment will work hand in hand with Luigi Izzo, to lead different lines of business, among which are directing relationships (marketing effort) with satellite companies or promoting new business. After more than 15 years of experience in different areas closely linked to the Real Estate and Asset Management environment, Valle-Domingues returns to the servicer (he already contributed to Hipoges from 2016 to 2022 as Head of Advisory) to take the reins of one of the most relevant areas of the company. Valle-Domingues will also lead the new business areas of the company in the four countries where Hipoges operates: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. Pedro is already leading projects that bring together advisory actions, business supervision and other strategic areas of the company. Aware of the challenge of rejoining a company in full projection, the strategy and business expert maintains, "returning to Hipoges is returning home and for me it is a pleasure to contribute to a project that I saw grow and that I hope, along with everything the team, take it to the next level. Without a doubt, the horizon is challenging, but I am sure that the path will be exciting." The new signing responds to Hipoges' motivation to continue deploying Advisory capabilities with investors and financial entities and is one of the big changes that the company has prepared for this first quarter of the year. Knowing the need to have an expert and transversal profile like Pedro's for such a relevant role, Hipoges has chosen Pedro to launch new lines of business in the four countries where the servicer has a presence: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Not in vain, among Pedro's specific and technical capabilities, Investment Banking, Risk Management and Corporate Finance stand out, among others. Before returning to the servicer, Pedro worked as deputy director in several areas of the prestigious Espírito Santo Investment Bank of Portugal, and was also director of Eaglestone, a financial services platform focused on sub-Saharan Africa. The incorporation comes at a good time for the company: Hipoges currently has more than 49 billion euros in assets under management and faces a stimulating 2024 full of projects for the team and its different business areas. As an example of one of the latest milestones of 2023, he highlighted the membership of ANGECO (National Association of Collection Management Companies), whose objective is to promote through its commissions different initiatives and synergies in the sector and promote activity both among own members as well as against public institutions.

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