STATEMENT: Hummel identifies the risks associated with counterfeits

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Hummel identifies the risks associated with counterfeits

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The risks associated with counterfeits of the Danish sports brand Hummel are diverse and significant, affecting both health and the economy and society in general. These replicas may contain harmful and dangerous substances, in addition to contributing to the exploitation of children in clandestine workshops. It is crucial to choose authentic products to avoid supporting these practices and protect yourself against these risks.

Madrid, March 28, 2024.- Whether consciously or unconsciously, the vast majority of people acquire counterfeit products at some point in their lives. In some cases the purchase is motivated by economic reasons, while in others, people have simply been victims of deception. Regardless of the case in question, the truth is that purchasing a counterfeit is quite risky.

Purchasing a fake product brings with it different risks that can impact not only people's health, but also the economy and social environment. If the consumer thinks about buying a counterfeit product, knowing these risks may make him or her reconsider this option.

Health risks

When producing a counterfeit, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer has followed all the necessary processes so that their product is not harmful to health. In the case of a Hummel counterfeit, as could also be the case with any other brand on the market, dangerous chemicals may have been used in order to make the manufacturing process cheaper.

The use of these substances increases the risk of allergies and respiratory problems due to the absence of quality controls. A counterfeit can be dangerous to health, since it does not guarantee all the safety in the manufacturing processes as the original manufacturer does.

Economic risks

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a counterfeit is a low-quality product. When it comes to a piece of clothing, a fake holds up less well to washing and will end up getting damaged sooner.

In this way, a Hummel counterfeit will never have the same useful life as an original garment. Another economic risk that is assumed when buying a counterfeit is that it does not arrive home. This is very common when it comes to online purchases on pages of dubious reputation, so you end up losing the item and the money.

Finally, when it comes to a counterfeit Hummel there is no type of guarantee. When you buy an original quality garment like Hummel, you have the support of the manufacturer to correct any problem that may occur with the garment. In the case of a replica this is not the case, even if the garment arrived defective from the factory.

Social risks

By purchasing counterfeit clothing, it is possible to become involved in social risks such as child exploitation in uncontrolled clandestine workshops. In the black market, workers lack adequate conditions, which can violate their rights. By purchasing a counterfeit Hummel or any brand, you support a precarious work system that possibly violates human rights. Therefore, the purchase of counterfeits carries serious social implications. Opting for authentic products is crucial to avoid contributing to this problem.


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