STATEMENT: Opobusca, the largest Opposition portal in Spain

Zaragoza, February 13,.

STATEMENT: Opobusca, the largest Opposition portal in Spain

Zaragoza, February 13,

2024 is seen by many as a promising year in different ways, in which opportunities can be taken to improve and achieve more goals. In Spain, one of the goals for many is to obtain one of the thousands of opposition positions that will be available. 2023 was marked by an impressive number of 37,000 places and it is expected that this year the number will rise to 40,000. Those looking for a place to take the 2024 exam have the opportunity to review all the offers, calls and rules of the oppositions on Opobusca, the largest Opposition portal in Spain.

Opobusca is a platform where information is published about all public employment offers in the country. The team behind it is in charge of reviewing Official State, Regional, Provincial and Local Bulletins, in order to collect the information issued and present it in an orderly manner.

The portal stands out, among other things, for being updated daily, which is an important help for those who are going to take the exam in 2024, because it allows access to up-to-the-minute information. In this way, it is easier to know the available places and be among the first to take action. As an advanced search engine, it has a variety of functions that range from the simplest to more specialized searches. In this sense, Opobusca initially presents a general search bar, and six filters can be applied: by opposition, autonomous communities, provinces, conveners, category and group. In addition, it has other sections where it provides specific information, such as the most important offers and calls of the year, the top competitions and last minute offers.

Finally, Opobusca has the functionality of creating alerts, so that the candidate can focus on studying his syllabus and from Opobusca he will receive alerts of the calls and deadlines that interest him most.

Recently, some changes were approved in the Public Service Law, with which some modifications were made to the opposition processes in Spain. One of the most substantial changes has to do with the fact that the positions will be announced the same year in which the public offer is announced. In this way, the opposition process cannot extend more than one year, and the selection process is streamlined, which reduces the waiting period to sit for the exam in 2024. Another significant change is the territorialization of the offer of places, which allows adjustment oppositions to the specific needs of a region or area. On the other hand, thanks to Law 20/2021, public administrations are obliged to call opposition for positions occupied by interim employees, a fact that will open more opportunities to access one of these positions.

With all this, 2024 may represent the best time to prepare and fight for a public employment position in any of the branches of public administration.

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