STATEMENT: Rumbo Norte, leader in charter and boat rental services in Ibiza

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Rumbo Norte, leader in charter and boat rental services in Ibiza

(Information sent by the signatory company)

This Ibizan company is the best valued according to the ranking carried out by the prestigious web portal Distrito Digital

Ibiza, April 11, 2024.- Spring is coming and you are starting to feel like renting a catamaran in Ibiza. An island where the mountains and the sea merge to offer movie-like sunsets and postcard-worthy landscapes. If you still do not know a boat rental company in Ibiza, the prestigious web portal DistritoDigital has prepared a ranking of the best-rated companies in terms of their services and boat experiences. To do this, the catalog of boats that they have taken into account has been taken into account. have available to their clients, as well as the experiences they offer and the way they present it to the public.Rumbo Norte leads the ranking as the best company to rent boatsRumbo Norte has been offering the best boat rental service in Ibiza for more than 15 years and Balearic Islands. That it appears at No. 1 in this ranking is not surprising, since they have more than 30 boats including sailboats, catamarans and motorboats to offer a wide variety to their clients and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea like never before. "When I return to Ibiza , without a doubt it would be with you", "the attention and treatment by the Rumbo Norte team was impeccable" or "I don't know what other rental companies are like, but I doubt they are as reliable as Rumbo Norte" are some of the evaluations that their clients leave them on the Internet after enjoying their services.Compared to other companies, Rumbo Norte offers a unique experience when discovering Ibiza through boat excursions. Beyond the typical boat parties for bachelor and bachelorette parties, Rumbo Norte allows you to explore hidden coves and pristine beaches, accessible only by private boats. Dive into crystal-clear waters and admire marine life beneath the surface. Furthermore, if you prefer the autonomy of renting a boat in Ibiza, Rumbo Norte has a variety of options, including motorboats, sailboats and catamarans, as well as a 5-star charter service. Price guaranteed for a unique experienceThis ranking prepared by the DistritoDigital portal has also analyzed the different prices offered by boat rental companies in Ibiza to generate its ranking. On this podium it can be seen that Rumbo Norte ensures the best guaranteed rate when renting boats, sailboats or catamarans in Ibiza and Formentera. Backed by outstanding reviews in the local boat rental market, including Tripadvisor reviews and travel forums, as well as Google boat rental reviews. The other top four boat rental companies, as ranked, are : CharterAlia, Be Charter Ibiza, Ibiza Boats and Blue Ocean Boat. Thanks to this ranking you can know which companies are best valued by their clients when renting a boat. "If you feel like sailing between their services, a boat is waiting for you in Ibiza."

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