STATEMENT: Samuel Yebra, president of Easy Home Modulares, leads agricultural sustainability in the Canary Islands

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Samuel Yebra, president of Easy Home Modulares, leads agricultural sustainability in the Canary Islands

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The Easy Home Modulares company linked to the Hierromata investment group and under the direction of Samuel Yebra, presents a revolutionary agricultural alternative that uses 90% less water than traditional methods and generates completely renewable energy, thus promoting energy self-sufficiency.

Easy Home, a company registered in the ZEC, under the direction of Samuel Yebra, its founder, has an innovative agricultural solution for the recovery of rural land in the Canary Islands and a total alternative to the solar gardens that are being implemented.

This method, which saves 90% water compared to conventional gardens, facilitates the production of 100% renewable energy. “We are facing a transformative opportunity to revitalize abandoned agricultural lands and the solar farms that are being implemented and not only this but from a practical and coherent point of view, in a territory like the Canary Islands where land is limited, the solar farms that are being installed, they completely waste the land since they only take advantage of the solar energy that it can produce. With our smart greenhouse system, not only is the sun used, but the land is actually used to grow crops, creating a total sustainable circular economy, allowing not only food sovereignty in the Canary Islands but also that a multitude of jobs would be created, avoiding the agricultural labor exodus in the Canary Islands,” says Samuel Yebra from Easy Home.

With the leadership of Samuel Yebra, Easy Home is committed to the agricultural sector of the Archipelago through eco-sustainable and advanced agricultural technology, offering mobile systems that enable rigorous control of the production and quality of crops. This approach will make it possible to obtain healthier and more ecological foods, reduce the environmental footprint, strengthen agriculture in the face of future crises and improve the availability of affordable food for future generations.

The innovative Green House Blockchain, promoted by Samuel Yebra and his company, includes the energy infrastructure necessary for advanced indoor cultivation. These systems optimize water use and enable agriculture in areas previously unsuitable due to adverse weather conditions. This initiative, led by Samuel Yebra, is deeply rooted in sustainability and environmental commitment.

Thanks to the vision of Samuel Yebra, Easy Home opens a window of opportunities for unused agricultural land, in addition to offering an alternative in the production of electrical energy through the use of renewable sources. This not only leads to energy independence but also promotes smart and sustainable cultivation, with traceability from production to marketing through blockchain technology in collaboration with EcoCripto.

In a future where food production is expected to increase by 70% by mid-century, with growing spaces becoming more limited, the solutions proposed by Samuel Yebra in Easy Home offer improved resilience. This reduces vulnerability to droughts and climatic disorders, increasing the adaptability and productivity of crops and granting more autonomy and control to farmers.

Samuel Yebra comments: “Our commitment is not only focused on technology and efficiency. We seek to be pioneers in an era of conscious agriculture in the Canary Islands, where every drop of water and every ray of sun is used to the maximum. With our Green House Blockchain, we demonstrate that it is possible to provide healthy food while protecting the planet for generations to come. “We are proud to be able to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the Canary Islands and we hope that our initiative serves as a model to follow.”

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