STATEMENT: Spanish travelers would adapt their trips thinking about their climate impact, according to Allianz Partners

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Spanish travelers would adapt their trips thinking about their climate impact, according to Allianz Partners

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 9, 2023.

With regard to its latest international report 'Winter Travel Confidence Index', the leading Insurance and Assistance company focuses this time on travelers' concern about climate change, an aspect that is increasingly generated greater impact on the vacation plans of young people

Three out of four Europeans are confident that they will be able to go on vacation at some point in 2023. In this context, it stands out that almost a third (30%) are confident that they will be able to do so, despite the relatively uncertain economic outlook for the year. is one of the findings of the third edition of the Allianz Partners Vacation Confidence Index, a survey in which more than 9,000 consumers from 11 different countries have participated. Of the countries surveyed, the Swiss are the travelers who have the most confidence in being able to enjoy this year on vacation away from home, with 80% of those surveyed feeling confident about going on a trip in 2023. Italians, Austrians and Britons are also confident that they can do so (79%). In the case of Spain, up to 60% of those surveyed are convinced of traveling during the next holiday periods, with the group of travelers between 25 and 34 years being the most interested (77%). However, there are aspects that travelers consider important when deciding whether or not to go ahead with their trips, as they had planned. In this context, the study also sheds light on the different effects that concern about climate change is having on travelers. travelers of different generations. Overall, 28% of Europeans say this is likely to alter their winter holiday plans in some way, as a result of the current climate crisis. In particular, when asking Spanish travelers how likely they would be change or cancel their vacation plans, motivated by the climate crisis, it stands out that 30% would agree to do so, especially travelers between 18 and 24 years old (46%). In this sense, the most common travel adaptation, for those who prefer to modify their vacations due to its impact on the climate, highlights that 42% would reduce the length of their trip. On the other hand, among the most common reasons why travelers Spanish would modify or cancel their travel plans, climate change stands out first, followed by the global geopolitical situation. However, there are significant differences of opinion between younger and older travelers on the continent. 40% of respondents who are in the under 35 age group stated that they are likely to change their travel plans due to weather concerns, and would be willing to travel to a different destination, reduce budget or time. duration of your trip. However, only 31% of those within the 35-49 age group revealed similar sentiments. Looking at the 50+ age group, this drops to 16% on the Continent and 18% in Spain, who stated they are likely to take similar steps.Joe Mason, Director of Travel Marketing, Allianz Partners, comments: "After the challenges we have been experiencing in recent years, we can now see travelers regain their confidence and desire to travel in 2023. Despite the rising cost of living, Europeans are enthusiastic about travel , which leaves us looking forward to a very prosperous future for the industry.Perhaps unsurprisingly, young people are more aware of the negative impacts of climate change and more willing to adjust their travel plans in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.This trend will likely spread to more demographics as people begin to make efforts to become more sustainable."Andrés Sánchez-Cid, Travel Product and Innovation manager at Allianz Partners, with concludes, "this new edition of our report on confidence in winter travel is showing us how those changes in trends that we saw a few years ago have been consolidating. One of them is concern about the impact of travel on our environment. The last few years have made us more careful and aware, both as consumers and service providers. This drives us to continue responding to customer needs in a faster, more flexible, efficient and sustainable way."More information on the report here.

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