STATEMENT: The Government of Costa Rica selects the FreeBalance platform to promote digital transformation

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The Government of Costa Rica selects the FreeBalance platform to promote digital transformation

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Ministry of Finance to implement innovative, customer-centric, digital-first government operations in multi-year transformation program

Ottawa, Canada, December 1, 2023 - FreeBalance, the leading provider of digital technology and advisory services to national governments, today announced a new partnership that will support the delivery of a comprehensive digital transformation program for the Costa Ministry of Finance Delicious.

FreeBalance will provide its unified government technology platform and specialized government advisory and technical implementation services to help the Government of Costa Rica create a new, citizen-centric, Digital-by-Design approach to transform its planning, budgeting, spending functions. public, accounting, human resource management, reporting and treasury.

The project, financed by the World Bank, aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and customer orientation of the tax and customs administration and public expenditure management, through the digital transformation of the Ministry of Finance.

Manuel Schiappa Pietra, President and CEO of FreeBalance, said: "This transformative project brings critical reforms and establishes a foundation to improve fiscal and social outcomes for the citizens of Costa Rica. Having worked with governments around the world to "To improve governance, accountability, transparency and citizen well-being, FreeBalance is uniquely positioned to support the Government of Costa Rica on its digital transformation journey, and we are delighted to collaborate."

This project will transform the management of public finances in Costa Rica, prioritizing efficiency, transparency and citizen participation. By transforming government resource planning at a strategic and operational level, Costa Rican citizens will have greater visibility into how public funds are raised and invested and how they impact their lives. The project fosters a citizen-centric culture within government, putting citizens at the forefront of service delivery to improve social indicators and satisfaction.

The project will help those responsible for Costa Rica's public finances to:

The project is also expected to have far-reaching benefits outside of government operations. More revenue will be generated for public investments through more efficient operations and strengthening public spending controls. More efficient data generation and processing will ensure that information is shared in a more timely and accurate manner, improving the transparency of public finances. And customer service-oriented attention will be integrated into all government units, reducing transaction costs and increasing citizen satisfaction.

FreeBalance has partnered with Computer Network Systems Limited (CNS) on this project. CNS brings extensive experience implementing various software projects across multiple government organizations. CNS development experts will collaborate closely with the FreeBalance team to achieve the Ministry of Finance's vision of becoming a digital leader.

As with all FreeBalance implementations, a local office has been established in San José to foster seamless collaboration with government stakeholders. A local team, supported by FreeBalance's global and regional experts, will provide ongoing support and sustainability services.