The scale of the protests will be the government's political legacy

yesterday, the latest figures from the national Crime prevention council. This year alone, 200 of explosions occurred. This is an increase of over 60% compared

The scale of the protests will be the government's political legacy

yesterday, the latest figures from the national Crime prevention council. This year alone, 200 of explosions occurred. This is an increase of over 60% compared to the same period of last year. With two months to go by the start of 2019, have already more and more explosions occurred in the year than in the whole of the year 2018. The trend is so extreme that it is without parallel in the rest of Europe.

I think that a lot of citizens would agree with me if it's completely surreal, in that researchers need to look to the countries with which we normally associate with war and armed conflict, in order to refer to the scenes that now played out in Sweden. It is described that the burst in fact is often a pure blast, which takes place in an uncontrolled manner, in order to create maximum damage and fear. It is nothing more than a huge betrayal to the citizens that the situation has been allowed to deteriorate in this way.

It is not enough that the P and the MP to get back to that trend is ”unacceptable”. How many times have we heard that? to be clear on the issues
at the same time, there is no law of nature that what is going to happen, firings and bombings on a daily basis. It is possible to change Sweden for the better. However, it is not enough that the social democrats and the green Party to come back to that, the development is ”unacceptable”. How many times have we heard that? However, there is no more condemnation from the government's press centre, which will re-establish the security system of Sweden. Rather, it is a very serious situation that we are talking openly about the issues and is prepared to show the determination that is required. I am genuinely concerned that if we do not take the truly powerful, a proposal has been submitted, we will be in a few years, to say, in the Year 2019, the problem is not at all the same as they are today.

This should not happen.

< Visitationszoner

Prevention is very important, but it is not a change in policy, which will bring the gangs to cease to be detonated powerful bombs in the buildings. What is needed in this serious situation, is a political mobilization, with a view to the implementation of mönsterbrytande suggestions that will make a real difference in the here and now.

There is, for example, whether the substantial investments in more police, in order to be able to maintain the security and prosecution of crime. We are also proposing a number of measures in order to stop the gängbrottsligheten. Among other things, a special gängbestämmelse, which would double the penalties for anyone who commits a gängrelaterat a crime. Visitationszoner would make it easier for the police to search for explosives and weapons in a certain geographical area.
many times the kamerövervakningen
at the same time, the current wealth, and youth discounts being removed, so that the criminal can be held to account for the number of crimes they commit, and to be deported on the grounds of a criminal offence must be applied in more cases than at present. The cctv cameras will need to be taken quickly to the top of the crime-the places where the police fear that new firings are going to happen. In our budget we have set aside the resources for quadrupling the police's custody.

the Situation is serious but not hopeless. It is possible to get in Sweden. However, it requires that we are willing to take strong action against crime and take action that is mönsterbrytande. They had just finished the gängsamtalen the bursting of the foundation of the Swedish social democratic party, chose to listen more to their Party than to the Conservatives. It was a mistake that will have dire consequences for the us.
take the lead at some time!

Now, there must be an end of that, Stefan Leaves, and the responsible ministers are satisfied that the comment on the development. It's time for them to show leadership and take responsibility for the firings and bombings which are tearing apart the security system of Sweden. The release of the policy, the prestige, and to realize that the government's half-measures are not going to get on. Drop the idea that it is the Party who would be sitting on the answer to gängkriminaliteten, and to listen instead to the suggestions that we conservatives have been put on the parliamentary table.

In all other cases, it is the most numerous nuclear explosions generated, and the bombing that is going to be, Morgan Johansson, and Mikael Dambergs's political legacy. Would they really do that? < / span> < / span>

Rättspolitisk spokesman.

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Updated Date: 09 November 2019, 01:00

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