The child that the State returned dead

Giovanni Cucchi saw his son Stefano for last time in a courtroom. We looked, and discovered tre

The child that the State returned dead

Giovanni Cucchi saw his son Stefano for last time in a courtroom. We looked, and discovered tremendous bruises on his face. “What have y done to you?”, he asked. “Hold me, daddy,” replied young man, before you bring it to him in handcuffs, accused of possession and sale of drugs. To jail, true. But, at least, State would take care of him until procedure, provided for a month after. However, trial never took place. For six days, Stefano Cucchi changed to different jails and hospitals. Bounced from one side to or, despite ir wounds, his epilepsy and two vertebrae broken by beating by officers who arrested him, according to latest judicial investigation. His family could never see him, nor know how it was. He asked, he insisted, no one wanted to answer or attend to m. Finally, night between 21 and 22 October 2009, body of this young roman, quantity surveyor and has said enough is enough. His far, his mor and his sister found out about it via a brief notification of autopsy. A simple paper, to say that Stefano would never return, that authorities that had carried now returned, dead.

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“A story that many would like to silence can be seen in 190 countries”, is proud Ilaria Cucchi, sister of Stefano, in telephone conversation with THE COUNTRY. But, before its release on Netflix, 12 of September, Sulla mia pelle (On my skin) made her debut at Venice film festival. The film reconstructs final of young, based on more than 10,000 pages of court records and in many meetings of production with family Cucchi. And is ready to lift up almost as many controversies as case may be, that from 10 years ago occupies newspapers and courts italians.

“The guy who was killed by State”, says La Repubblica, in an article about film. “About 140 people had some contact with Stefano se days. How is it possible that nobody saw what had happened to him?”, complaint to same newspaper, director of film, Alessio Cremonini. Cucchi said that his injuries were due to a fall down stairs, suspicious that exposing truth would serve as something. Except for one who insisted, but gave in, ir partners were good your version. “When did you say that gilipollez of stairs?”, you loose a cop in film. “When stairs stop ourselves”, he responds.

A history that many would like to silence can be seen in 190 countries

Ilaria Cucchi, sister of Stefano

A decade later, verdict of science on causes of death of Cucchi does not yet have a conclusion of consensus. But courts mselves have attempted to establish truth. A first trial ended, absolving doctors and agents charges. But confession of a witness, last year, produced a roll-over: five carabinieri are now sitting in front of judge, accused of felony murder –when attacker wants to cause injury but ends up causing death, abuse of power and false testimony.

“in Addition to pursuit of justice, that, in end it seems well on its way, I always left with doubt of knowing how he was, what he thought in those moments,” adds Ilaria Cucchi. Sulla mia pelle tries to fill this gap: it seeks to show how he lived Stefano Cucchi his last days, since he had been arrested with 20 grams of hashish and three sachets of cocaine, until her heart stopped. For this purpose, has a protagonist extraordinary. Alessandro Borghi, one of most promising talents of Italian cinema, she lost 18 kilos in less than three months to be Stefano Cucchi. Got so much into character that he could not leave it, and for a month lived only by and for shoot. “It's just like him. And conveys feeling of anguish that he would live,” he applauds Ilaria Cucchi.

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here is main achievement of film: based close-up, dark colors, and interpretation of Borghi, screen uncomfortable to constantly viewer and slaps it with progressive destruction of protagonist. Alone and dying, not knowing why his family or his lawyer never came to see him. The merits of film rescue even an initial approach too trivialised to good against bad. In addition, film remembers that Stefano Cucchi had received treatment for substance abuse several times in his home found a kilo of hashish and his sister says: “Stefano was a boy wonderful and a bror ideal. Had a fragility that led him to commit an error that cost him his life.”

At same time, Ilaria Cucchi dedicated film to Matteo Salvini, minister of Interior of Italy, leader of Norrn League, and defender of police to use certain limits of violence, if it is necessary. And he adds: “to Ask State judge himself is most difficult thing re is. He has done more in process dead”. While justice moves forward, premiere of film on Netflix will bring case to whole world. Stefano Cucchi died alone. Your memory can reach millions of screens.

The great occasion of Netflix

don't even need full name. Just a colossal red N to project message. Saw it yesterday, viewers, begin film Sulla mia pelle, which opened section Horizons. And will return up to five times in Venice film festival. Because Netflix, colossus audio-visual streaming, is already in 190 countries, 130 million households and in lists of best series in world. But has chosen this Exhibition to earn love of film, which criticizes him for ir premieres, simultaneous online and in rooms, and questionable film production to date.

The choice, in reality, is relative. Both Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón, as or side of wind, unfinished work of Orson Welles, were going to Cannes. The hostility with contest, however, moved its premiere at Venice. Add, in official competition, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, of Coen brors, and 22 July, from Paul Greengrass. And, outside of contest, They'll Love Me When I'm Dead, a documentary about Welles.

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