Berlin Half Marathon: Suspicions against suspected Islamists not hardened

The six men arrested during the Berlin half-marathon have been released. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, there is no urgent suspicion.

Berlin Half Marathon: Suspicions against suspected Islamists not hardened

The alleged Islamists arrested during Berlin half-marathon have been released. No arrest warrants were issued against six men aged 18 to 21, said a spokesman for Public prosecutor's office on Monday afternoon. There is no urgent suspicion. Previously, police had searched several apartments, traces and data carriers evaluated. According to prosecutor's office, however, nothing suspicious has been found so far. But investigation would be continued.

There was an initial suspicion about preparation of a severe state-threatening violent act, said a police spokesman. One could not rule out a "danger moment". "We are vigilant, and if re is an initial suspicion, we will act."

A terrorist attack on half-marathon was not planned according to findings of police and information of public prosecutor. According to authorities, re were "isolated references" to preparation of a crime in connection with sporting event. Based on se indications and deadly Amokfahrt in Münster, Prosecutor General's Office and State Criminal Police Office decided to search apartments as well as two vehicles.

Apparently assassination attempt on half marathon prevented police may have thwarted an attack on Berlin half-marathon. Six men aged 18 to 21 were arrested. © PHOTO: Reuters TV

According to data, two men are attributed to Islamist environment of assassin of Breitscheidplatz, Anis Amri. Because of ongoing investigation, prosecutor did not want to give any furr information at first. According to Tagesspiegel, it was one of detained, Iraqi S., and anor accomplice. They are to belong to private environment of AMRI. The world had reported that chief suspect wanted to avenge death of his familiar Amri with a knife attack.

Date Of Update: 10 April 2018, 12:02

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