Smartphone dependency: Am I addicted to my smartphone?

Dependent or not: Our author looked for the difference between addiction and problematic behavior. Maybe the brains of smartphone junkies tick differently.

Smartphone dependency: Am I addicted to my smartphone?
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    The or day my 18 month old son in living room was on me and stretched out my children's booklet. He probably wanted me to tell him something about Tieredarin. But I didn't get anything with it. For I was sunk, disappeared, lost in shallows of a Twitter debate – on MeinemSmartphone. Only when my wife said, "now look! Someone wants to show something, "I looked up. And I was ashamed: how could I overlook my son for my phone?

    However, I am not alone with such dropouts. Smartphones now play a central role in everyday vielerMenschen. and psychological research Dervergangenen years suggests that too much time on smartphone is probably really morbid equipment. Problematic smartphone usage is now a psychological technical term.

    Problematic it becomes frighteningly common

    Most of studies basierenbisher on questionnaires such as mobile phone problem use scale (MPPUS), DiePsychologin Adriana Bianchi and her colleague James Phillips of MonashUniversity in Australia had already developed in 2005 (CyberPsychology Behavior, 2005). DerBefragte should assess how much he agrees with statements like this: "I can spend niegenug time with my phone." Or, "I find it hard to turn off MeinMobiltelefon." As it turned out, overall score on DemMPPUS questionnaire reliably correlates with tendency to develop an addiction.

    Christian Honey Freelance author for time online to author page

    Such a method also showed that one in ten British students (1,026 respondents) is looking for a good use of his smartphone (Cyberspsychology, Behavior and social networking: Olatz et al., 2014). The situation in Spain seems even more glaring: around 20 percent of participants aged 16 to 65 used ir smartphones in a good way or ran risk of developing a dependency (PLoSOne: de-Sola et al., 2017). Electrical Germany are currently being raised. EineÜbersichtsarbeit from 23 studies suggests that problematischeSmartphone usage and tendency to depression and anxiety are related (Journalof affective disorders: Elhai et al., 2017). These are mental states, which in turn can favour dependence.

    While WHO plans to include "Videopielsucht" – both online and offline – in next issue of its diagnostic manual (ICD-11), "Cell phone addiction" is not yet a recognized psychiatric diagnosis. Actually strange. Istsie at least on way re? "Currently, common symptoms addiction research are also discussed in context of a potential ' smartphone addiction ' vonWissenschaftlern," says Christian Montag, Professor FürMolekulare Psychology at University of Ulm. Among symptoms were "dieständige mental employment with smartphone, withdrawal symptoms BeiNichtvorhandensein device as well as professional or privateBeeinträchtigungen due to excessive use".

    Can I imagine a life without a smartphone?

    A catalogue derartigerSymptome, which comes from Monday, after conversation with myself (who wants to do it: Dabeibewerte I like to say, "I miss doing scheduled tasks due to meinerSmartphone usage." My answer: Yes. "The people around me tell me that I use my smartphone too much." That's right, too. "For me it would not be a stand to have a smartphone." Luckily not yet.

    However, ichgeplante tasks also miss because I have too long audiobooks of George Orwellhöre at night and go to bed too late. "Scientists must be careful not to pathologize everyday actions," says Christian Montag. WelcheKriterien would have to be fulfilled so that I could be a real Handysüchtigergelte?

    In current laid diagnostic manual (ICD-10), so-called Abhängigkeitssyndromanhand is defined by six criteria, of which at least three must be available: strong desire or compulsion to do something, loss DerKontrolle over time and extent of Action, inability to abstinence, training a tolerance (one needs more and more), withdrawal symptoms UndRückzug from social life.

    Date Of Update: 10 April 2018, 12:03

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