Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are heads of ir series, while at" />

Draw Champions League: Europe looks to Madrid

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are heads of ir series, while at

Draw Champions League: Europe looks to Madrid

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona are heads of ir series, while at Valencia he was joined by results and was framed in 3

Manchester United, Tottenham, Dortmund, Rome, Napoli or Inter may be rivals of four Spanish teams in running

Follow live draw for group stage of Champions League

re is No scenario where best to unwrap Real Madrid European Cup. The routine of Spanish league, a competition in which you have lost thread in last decade in favour of Barcelona, it mutates into ecstasy competitive each time he faces maximum continental tournament. So much so that white club only has left to win one of last five editions of Champions league. A hegemony that has come in midst of era Messi (one of last seven European Cups for Barcelona), but also at same time that Premier League clubs have been taking advantage of million fallen of tv-rights for load of gold ir dressing rooms. Six years ago, by way, that a british team not to win title. It was half-hearted Chelsea of Di Matteo in 2012.

In this Champions League 2018-2019 whose group stage will be drawn this afternoon in Monaco, Real Madrid will measure real impact of loss of Cristiano Ronaldo, whom Juventus, which has lost two finals in four years, trust his blessings. The records of Portuguese admit of little discussion. Cristiano is top scorer in history of European Cup/Champions League with 121 goals scored (including qualifying rounds). Gone are Leo Messi (100) or Raúl González (71).

Yet re is more. Christian has led table of top scorers of tournament in last six editions. Only in course 2014-2015, when Barcelona of trident won Champions league in Berlin, had to share honor with Messi and Neymar.

new edition of The maximum european tournament brings with it some novelty. The parties-also in Europa League- change routine time and will be played in two bands, well at 18.55 hours, well at 21.00 h. In what is not yet willing to cede UEFA is in use of videoarbitraje, despite experience in last World cup in Russia or implementation in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Holland or Portugal. Aleksander Ceferin, president of european football's governing body, believes that VAR still needs cooking time. So, Champions league, as it occurs in English Premier League, apañará until new order with technology of goal line.

The making of drums invites you to paths full of traps. Three of four Spanish teams in fray (Real Madrid, Atletico and Barcelona) are seeded, because in that first hype is centered current champions of Champions league, Europa League and league with best coefficient (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, and Russia). This leads to that, along with Bayern, Manchester City, Juventus and PSG, also has hole for Lokomotiv Moscow. Not so for Liverpool, runner-up of past Champions and five-times champion of Europe.

Returns Red Star

as Well, and despite absence in tournament of clubs with pedigree as Chelsea, Arsenal or Milan, re is no hype without a thorn. In second, twilight Manchester United Mourinho and ambitious Tottenham of Pochettino share space with Rome, last executioner of Barcelona, port check Boxes or Borussia Dortmund, new home of Alcácer. There will also be Benfica, after ditching ir classification in Thessaloniki after winning PAOK1-4 (2-5 in tie). The Naples of Ancelotti and Shakhtar complete that listing.

The amazing pass of Red Star after a draw in Austria before always cursed Salzburg (2-2, 0-0 in first leg) stirred configuration of a bass drum, three of which failed to get out Liverpool Klopp and Salah. The classification of historic team of city of Belgrade -champion in 1991 with Prosinecki, Savicevic or Mihajlovic and that he does not play phase of groups from season 1991-1992-, has brought a little joy to Valencia, which left last hype so as to avoid Liverpool and accompany Olympique Lyon, Schalke, Monaco, Ajax, CSKA and PSV, which beat BATE(3-0, 6-2 overall).

Who could face any of four Spanish teams is Inter of Icardi, in that hype four compound finally by aforementioned Red Star, Hoffenheim, Galatasaray, Viktoria Plzen, Brugge, AEK, and swiss Young Boys, debutantes in league.

Bass drum 1: Real Madrid, Atletico, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Manchester City and Lokomotiv Moscow.

Bass 2: Borussia Dortmund, Porto, Manchester United, Shakhtar, Benfica, Napoli, Tottenham and Rome.

Bass drum 3: Liverpool, Schalke, Olympique Lyon, Monaco, Ajax, CSKA Moscow, PSV and Valencia.

Bass drum 4: Viktoria Plzen, Bruges, Galatasaray, Young Boys, Inter milan, Hoffenheim, Red Star and AEK Ans.

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