Golden ball : the match-Messi - Ronaldo will he continue to be in 2020 ?

Winner of the golden Ball in 2019, Lionel Messi has taken the upper hand over Cristiano Ronaldo in the charts, with six coronations compared to five for the Por

Golden ball : the match-Messi - Ronaldo will he continue to be in 2020 ?

Winner of the golden Ball in 2019, Lionel Messi has taken the upper hand over Cristiano Ronaldo in the charts, with six coronations compared to five for the Portuguese, who could take advantage of the Euro 2020, the next year, to redo his delay. The recall of the classification, points, votes... All the latest news.

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Lionel Messi has taken a decisive advantage over Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d'or ? By winning Monday, his sixth trophy (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019), the Argentine now has a coronation more than his rival Portuguese, titrated to five times (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017). This is now more than ten years that the two stars monopolize alternately the first place in the ranking (only one other player, Luka Modric, 2018, has been sacred on this period) but the fight is probably not over. "As long as one is in activity, it's going to continue," says Messi, today, in the interview granted to france Football. This duel will continue until the end of our respective careers, as has been the case since the beginning". The next round will take place in 2020, the year in which the champions League but also and especially the Euro (which will not Messi will be without a doubt revealing.

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05/12/19 - 10:40 - Gueye "sad" to Mane, only fourth Ballon d'or

Idrissa Gueye, the middle of the land of senegal from the PSG, returned, yesterday evening, after his match against Nantes, on the result of the Ballon d'or in 2019 and the fourth place in the ranking of his compatriot Sadio Mané : "He deserved largely to be at least on the podium. Seen what he has done for me, he deserved downright the Golden Ball, but unfortunately, we see that it is found in the fourth place. It is a bit of a shame. I'm sad for him because it is a pride for the whole of the Senegal what he did last season".

04/12/19 - 19:00 - The detail of the votes of the Ballon d'or by continent

The analysis of the vote shows that Lionel Messi has built his victory in this edition 2019 Ballon d'or in South America (47 points), North America and the Caribbean (102 points), Oceania (22 points) and Africa (187 points), the geographical areas where the voters have put the Argentine in the first place. His next Virgil Van Dijk has attracted in Europe (211 points) and Asia (155 points).

04/12/19 - 18:47 - The list updated of the golden Ball

Lionel Messi now holds the only record of victories, with six Balls of gold, according to the result of this edition 2019. Here are the winners of the recent golden Ball :

2019 : Lionel Messi (ARG) 2018 : Luka Modric (CRO) 2017 : Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) 2016 : Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) 2015 : Lionel Messi (ARG) 2014 : Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) 2013 : Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) 2012: Lionel Messi (ARG) 2011 : Lionel Messi (ARG) 2010 : Lionel Messi (ARG) 2009 : Lionel Messi (ARG) 2008 : Cristiano Ronaldo (POR) 2007 : Kaka (BER)

04/12/19 - 18:31 - The detail of the votes of the 180 journalists for the Ballon d'or 2019

If the number of France Football dedicated to the golden Ball in 2019, and detailing the votes of the journalists, was released today on the newsstands, many subscribers have already had the opportunity to check out the magazine yesterday :

04/12/19 - 18:10 - What are the criteria of voting for the Ballon d'or ?

Remy Lacombe, a journalist with France Football, recalled Monday, on the top of the chain, The Teams, the three criteria to vote withheld for the election of the Ballon d'or 2019 :

The individual and collective performance of the calendar year, The class of the player and his fair play the entire career of the player

This last criterion has no doubt weighed heavily in the sixth coronation of Lionel Messi in the face to the players of Liverpool, in particular.

04/12/19 - 17:52 - Sadio Mané has also been given an appointment in 2020

Sadio Mane, only 4th in the ranking of the golden Ball in 2019, despite its great season with Liverpool (champion of Europe) and Senegal (vice-champion of Africa), was absent from the ceremony Monday evening but has sent a little video message for giving appointment in 2020. "I say bravo to the winner, we look forward to seeing you next year, I will try to be there, perhaps, to lift the golden Ball", he said.

04/12/19 - 17:29 - What are the competitors for Messi and Ronaldo in the race for the Ballon d'or 2020 ?

Asked today in France Football on the identity of the next player to win the golden Ball in from out of himself and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Argentine was preferred to kicked into touch : "Difficult to give a name. There are a lot of talented players that emerge. But a lot of things happen in the course of a year, and it depends on a lot of factors. Winning the champions League is part of it". In the light of the classification of the golden Ball in 2019, the young players enjoyeds able to take over seem to be Kylian Mbappé (20 years), Matthijs De Ligt (20 years), Frenkie De Jong (22 years old) or Bernardo Silva (25 years old). In the "old", Neymar (27 years), if he finds all his feelings with PSG and if the parisian club finally passes a cap in the champions League, Virgil Van Dijk (28 years old) or Eden Hazard (28 years old) will no doubt also have their say.

04/12/19 - 17:10 - Messi and Ronaldo still in the race for the champions League

If the Euro 2020 and the Copa America will have, therefore, without doubt, an impact on the verdict of the next Ballon d'or, he will of course also count with the recorded results in the champions League. For the moment, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin are guaranteed to be qualified for the knockout stages of the competition as the first group. The Argentine and the Portuguese will face each other not on the next turn but the fight at a distance will be closely observed.

04/12/19 - 16:57 - The Euro 2020 a decisive factor for the award of the next Ballon d'or ?

Like every year, even if Messi did not need to win an international title to be sacred in 2019, the winners of the main competitions of the clubs and selections will be particularly subject to review in 2020, to designate the favourites to the award of the golden Ball. In this field, Cristiano Ronaldo's hand with a small advantage since he will have the opportunity to shine at the Euro 2020, with Portugal while Lionel Messi will attempt to illustrate with Argentina in the Copa America, a tournament less publicized.

04/12/19 - 16:32 - Cristiano Ronaldo-he made a mistake in leaving Real Madrid ?

In leaving Real Madrid to join Juventus Turin in the summer of 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo has without doubt took a risk in the race for the Ballon d'or as it is evolving today in the championship of Italy less publicized than the Liga or the Premier League. The Portuguese should consider a new start to become a candidate for the rite . This is not the opinion of Fabio Paratici, the sporting director of the Italian club, which concluded yesterday, at the microphone of Sky Italia : "He is ambitious and he wants to show that it is also the best here. In our opinion, he deserves the Golden Ball. He will be at Juventus next season, no doubt. He wants to win another Ballon d'or with us and we support them."

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check out the complete ranking of the golden Ball in 2019 , dominated by the Argentinian Lionel Messi, in front of Dutchman Virgil Van Dijk and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo :

1st : Lionel Messi (Argentina/Barcelona), 686 points 2nd : Virgil Van Dijk (the netherlands/Liverpool), 679 points 3rd : Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Juventus Turin), 476 points 4th : Sadio Mané (Senegal/Liverpool), 347 points 5th : Mohamed Salah (Egypt/Liverpool), 178 points 6th : Kylian Mbappé (France/PSG), 89 points 7th : Alisson Becker (Brazil/Liverpool), 67 points 8th : Robert Lewandowski (Poland/Bayern), 44 points 9th : Bernardo Silva (Portugal/Manchester City), 41 points 10th : Riyad Mahrez (Algeria/Manchester City), 33 points 11th : Frenkie De Jong (netherlands/Barcelona), 31 points 12th : Raheem Sterling (England/Manchester City), 30 points 13th : Eden Hazard : (Belgium/Real Madrid), 25 points 14th : Kevin De Bruyne : (Belgium/Manchester City), 14 points, 15th : Matthijs De Ligt : (netherlands/Juventus Turin), 13 points 16th : Sergio Aguero (Argentina/Manchester City), 12 points 17th : Roberto Firmino (Brazil/Liverpool), 11 points 18th : Antoine Griezmann (France/FC Barcelona), 9 points 19th : Trent Alexander-Arnold (England/Liverpool), 8 points 20th ex-aequo : Dusan Tadic (Serbia/Ajax Amsterdam), 5 points 20th ex-aequo : Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon/Arsenal), 5 points 22nd : Heung-Min Son (South Korea/Tottenham), 4 points 23rd : Hugo Lloris (France/Tottenham), 3 points 24th ex-aequo : Kalidou Koulibaly (Senegal/Naples), 2 points 24th ex-aequo : Marc-André Ter Stegen (Germany/FC Barcelona), 2 points 26th ex-aequo : Georgino Wijnaldum (the netherlands/Liverpool), 1 point 26th ex-aequo : Karim Benzema (France/Real Madrid), 1 point 28th ex-aequo : Joao Felix (Portugal/Atletico Madrid), 1 point 28th ex-aequo : Marquinhos (Brazil/PSG), 0 points 28th ex-aequo : Donny Van de Beek (netherlands/Ajax Amsterdam), 0 points the ranking of The golden Ball female

the awarding ceremony of The golden Ball in 2019, yesterday evening was also the occasion of awarding of other trophies, including the Ballon d'or feminine, won last year by the Swedish Ada Hegerberg. This time, the American Megan Rapinoe, who has been designated as the best player in the world. The complete ranking of the golden Ball women :

1st : Megan Rapinoe (Usa/Seattle Reign), 230 points 2nd : Lucy Bronze (England/Olympique Lyonnais), 94 points 3rd : Alex Morgan (Usa/Orlando Pride), 68 points 4th : Ada Hegerberg (Norway/Olympique Lyonnais), 67 points 5th : Vivianne Miedema (netherlands/Arsenal), 38 points 6th : Wendie Renard (France/Olympique Lyonnais), 32 points 7th : Sam Kerr (Australia/Chicago), 27 points 8th : Rose Lavelle (Usa/Washington Spirit), 19 points 9th : Ellen White (England/Manchester City), 18 points 10th : Dzsenifer Maroszan (Germany/Olympique Lyonnais), 16 points, 11th ex-aequo : Amandine Henry (France/Olympique Lyonnais), 13 points 11th ex-aequo : Sari van Veenendaal (netherlands/Arsenal and Atletico Madrid), 13 points 13th : Tobin Heath (Usa/Portland), 11 points 14th (ex aequo): Pernille Harder (Denmark/Wolfsburg), 10 points 14th ex-aequo : Lieke Martens (netherlands/Barcelona), 10 points, 16th ex-aequo : Kosovo Asllani (Sweden/CD Tacon), 6 points, 16th ex-aequo : Nilla Fischer (Sweden/Wolfsburg), 6 points, 16th ex-aequo : Marta (Brazil/Orlando), 6 points 19th : Sofia Jakobsson (Sweden/CD Tacon), 4 points, 20th : Sarah Bouhaddi (France/Olympique Lyonnais), 0 points The ranking of the Trophy Kopa (best young)

The trophy Kopa the best young (footballer under 21 years of age) was also awarded lundie evening during the ceremony of the Ballon d'or. The trophy was won last year by Kylian Mbappé, who had reached the age limit this year. This is the Dutch Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus Turin, the ex-Ajax Amsterdam), who succeeded him to the list. The complete classification of the Trophy Kopa :

1 : Matthis De Ligt (HOL, Ajax Amsterdam and Juventus), 58 points 2nd : Jadon Sancho (ANG, Borussia Dortmund), 49 points 3rd : Joao Felix (POR, Benfica and Atlético Madrid), 41 points 4th : Vinicius Junior (BRE, Real Madrid), 17 points 5th : Andreyi Lounine (RUS, Leganés and Valladolid), 9 points 6th : Mattéo Guendouzi (ENG, Arsenal), 5 points 6th ex-aequo : Kai Havertz (ALL Bayer Leverkusen), 5 points 8th : Moise Kean (ITA, Juventus and Everton), 3 points 9th : Samuel Chukwueze (NGA, Villarreal), 1 point 9th ex-aequo : Kang-in Lee (CDS, Valencia), 1 point The ranking of the Trophy Yashin (best goalkeeper)

For the first time, a trophy for the best goalkeeper, named trophy Yashin (in homage to the Russian Lev Yashin, only guardian to have written his name to the winners list of the Ballon d'or in 1963) was also awarded on the occasion of this ceremony of the golden Ball. This is the Brazilian Alisson Becker ( Liverpool) who won the trophy. The complete classification of the trophy Yashin :

1 : Alisson Becker (BRE, Liverpool), 795 points 2nd : Marc-André ter Stegen (ALL, FC Barcelona), 284 points 3rd : Ederson (BRE, Manchester City), 142 points 4th : Jan Oblak (SLN, Atlético Madrid), 131 points 5th : Hugo Lloris (FRA Tottenham), 80 points 6th: Manuel Neuer (GER, Bayern Munich), 52 points 7th : André Onana (CAM, Ajax Amsterdam), 41 points 8th : Kepa Arrizabalaga (SPAIN, Chelsea), 29 points, 9th : Wojciech Szczesny (POL, Juventus), 24 points 10th : Samir Handanovic (SLN, Inter Milan), 6 points How is organized the voting for the Ballon d'or ?
Date Of Update: 21 May 2020, 15:00