France has a public holiday for less than the european average

Funding dependency by removing a holiday? The measure proposed by the executive divides the people and the political class. "Work more to be able to better sup

France has a public holiday for less than the european average

Funding dependency by removing a holiday? The measure proposed by the executive divides the people and the political class. "Work more to be able to better support our seniors," the issue should be raised by Emmanuel Macron, in his speech post great debate. If for some French, the measure would allow their eyes to preserve their income by not increasing the tax, many citizens show reluctance when faced with the prospect of working without being paid. A recent IFOP poll indicates that among the options of extending the working time, the abolition of a public holiday is the most rejected by the French.

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In the midst of a debate on the working time, the introduction of a new day of solidarity is part of tracks considered by the majority to raise the 10 billion euros needed, and that in the fifteen years to come, to the support of the great age and the loss of autonomy related to ageing of the population. According to the report Libault, the bill to pay to finance the dependency of elderly people in france will amount to 6.2 billion euros per year by 2024. Thus, according to the government, the abolition of a public holiday would bring in close to 3.19 billion euros in the coffers of the State. Equivalent in addition to what was reported last year the day of solidarity.

If the French employees benefit from 36 days of rest, that is the number of paid leave and holidays for our neighbors? Le Figaro made the point.

France is below the european average for the holidays

In france, the labour Code states that employees working full-time have a minimum of 25 days paid leave per year. Like the Spaniards and the Swedes, French employees benefit from up to 36 days of rest, according to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). But with eleven days officially bank holidays, dedicated to the solidarity, France is, however, below the european average of twelve holidays. In 2004, the Monday of Pentecost had been suppressed for a time, before being again a holiday. Since 2008, the principle of a day of solidarity is maintained but now the companies were free to establish the terms and conditions.

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Among the OECD countries, our british neighbors accumulate the greatest number of days of rest per year, with 28 days of confés paid and 9 public holidays. The Luxembourgers are also well-off, since employees are entitled to 37 days of rest, with 26 days of leave countries and 11 public holidays. In Luxembourg, the government has recently introduced the last month the creation of a public holiday additional to the 9 may to celebrate the symbolic day of the European Union. In addition, the deputies of luxembourg voted in favour of an extra day of paid leave.

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If the Spaniards have a lower number of paid vacation, paid workers, however, have 14 public holidays. The country is also situated just behind Bulgaria, which holds the record of the European Union with 15 public holidays per year. Our neighbours the Portuguese are 34 days to rest, including 12 public holidays. Tormented by a deep financial crisis as it was seven years ago, the Portuguese government, to the right of the political spectrum, had removed four holidays, including two religious. However, in 2015, the coalition government of the socialist Antonio Costa, had once again made a public holiday these days.

in Addition to-Rhine, with 20 days of paid leave and only 9 days of holidays, German workers account for 7 days rest under the French. But it is the danes who camped the last place in the ranking within the European Union, with 28 days of rest in total and 3 holidays of less that the French.

in Addition to-Atlantic, the days of leave are less numerous

If the european workers are, on average, well-off, the number of days of rest on the side of the american continent proves to be much less important. Canadians will have 10 days of leave a year and 9 days public holidays.

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The employees Mexicans have for their part of the 13 days of rest per year, with only 6 days of paid leave. With ten holidays institutionalized, the United States, however, have a particular situation regarding the number of paid holidays. U.s. law does not require companies to give employees, and the granting of rest days is done and the good will of the employer. Companies have on average a fortnight to their employees.

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